NAD+, PQQ & Resveratrol for Energy & Feeling Young

Let’s think younger as we get older. Three nutrition and dietary supplements can help: NAD+, PQQ, and Resveratrol such as is found in red wine. Fight aging naturally which also happens to be the healthy way.


A unique form of vitamin B3, Niagen® nicotinamide riboside (NR) from Life Extension, helps restore lost NAD+ levels that we all had starting at birth but have gradually lost. Nicotinamide riboside is naturally found in milk in trace amounts.


NAD+ Cell Regenerator

Nicotinamide riboside is different from other forms of vitamin B3 you may know. Niacin (nicotinic acid) which alone can cause unpleasant flushing and nicotinamide were discovered in the 1930s. NR has been newly discovered in 2004 and researched as a NAD+ precursor.


In the lab, pre-diabetic and diabetic mice ate a diet with or without nicotinamide riboside for the last eight weeks of a 21-week study. In both groups who ate a high-fat diet, nicotinamide riboside protected against weight gain and fatty liver, improved blood sugar levels, and protected against nerve damage.


Nicotinamide riboside promotes SIRT1 and SIRT3 gene activation. Men and women concerned about getting old before their time love this. Read more about SIRT1 and SIRT3 here.


Control Your Energy Production

There is a way to feel renewed vitality and avoid the age-related slippery slope of fatigue, blasè, and inertia. When our NAD+ enzyme levels are strong, we are more inclined to engage in our lives starting at a deep cellular level. NAD+ is the communication molecule between the cell nucleus and the cell mitochondria which control energy production.


Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator dietary supplement provides advanced defense against cellular aging. It promotes systemic youthful functions by providing nicotinamide riboside — a patented compound for reversing the age-related decline of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) levels.


Support Energy Levels and Physical Performance


Decreasing NAD+ levels wreak havoc with our cellular metabolism potentially causing the lack of energy and motivation that creeps into our daily lives. We merely drag ourselves from task to task. Youthful functions are affected by these low NAD+ levels… more than we realize.


To sum it up NAD+ Cell Regenerator, available in 100mg or 250mg capsules, has these benefits:

  • Promotes systemic youthful functions
  • Supports energy levels and physical performance
  • Supports healthy cellular metabolism
  • Regulates genes that control aging
  • Preserves cognitive function during aging
  • Promotes blood sugar balance
  • Supports healthy skin


Other anti-aging supplements you might consider work along different pathways in the body yet accomplish a similar goal: they help you fight back against feeling old.


PQQ supplement

PQQ – Form New Mitochondria


As you age, the number of functional mitochondria (energy producers) in each cell declines. Taken daily, PQQ Caps (pyrroloquinoline quinone) can activate genes that promote the formation of brand new mitochondria for more youthful cellular energy production.


PQQ also beneficially interacts with genes directly involved in mitochondrial health – genes that also support healthy body weight, normal fat and sugar metabolism, and youthful cellular proliferation. Plus, it’s an antioxidant that works to support heart cell function in the presence of free radicals and promotes blood flow in the heart muscle. Get mitochondrial biogenesis support.



optimized resveratrol

Studies show that calorie-restriction diets can activate youthful gene expression, a process that slows down certain aspects of aging. That sounds hard to do! Resveratrol (originally discovered in red wine) triggers many of the same favorable gene expression changes as calorie restriction, without the difficult diet to adhere to.


Combining trans-pterostilbene with resveratrol confers even greater health benefits in this formula. Trans-pterostilbene encourages cardiovascular health, supports glucose levels already within the normal range, and promotes cognitive health. Optimized Resveratrol (from Japanese knotweed root) contains a red grape and wild blueberry fruit extract blend along with fisetin for DNA protection, and quercetin for cardio health.


Take Optimized Resveratrol to promote youthful gene expression similar to calorie-restricted diets, to encourage healthy blood sugar balance and sensitivity and mitochondrial function, and to support a healthy inflammation response. This formula provides 250 mg of Trans-Resveratrol in each capsule.


AMPK supplement

Fight Belly Fat with AMPK


This article would not be complete without a mention of AMPK Metabolic Activator to fight belly fat. Of course, you’ll need to take this along with a sensible diet and smart exercise. Natural, age-related decline in AMPK is a major cause of unwanted abdominal fat. AMPK doesn’t just promote a healthy weight — it actually targets abdominal fat, the type of adipose tissue we should try to avoid. Abdominal fat can actually create compounds that can cause inflammation and oxidative stress.


Nutritional supplements can help you (or your parents) fight back against the signs of aging. Get back lost energy and feel young again, naturally!



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