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Your alarm goes off before the crack of dawn. You drearily hit snooze a few times, and then drag yourself out of bed for a busy day. In today’s new norm, you’re juggling working from home while also donning the hat of teacher, parent, chef, cleaner, entertainer, and, well…everything. This inevitably causes an enormous amount of stress. Indeed amidst all this busyness, there’s no better time for some “self-care”. Healthy habits paired with natural supplements for stress like L-theanine, melatonin, GABA, and 5-HTP, can make the right impact on your stress and sleep. In addition to supplements, here are some more tips to replace some of those “Aghh!”s in your day with more serene “Ahhh”s.


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How to Stress Less

There are many lifestyle changes we can make that can positively affect our stress levels and how we respond to stressful situations. Some to consider are:

Be Physically Active

Exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and increase endorphins that are the body’s natural pain relievers and mood elevators. Regular exercise for 20–30 minutes a day can improve circulation, increase self-confidence, relax you, and help you feel happier. Engage in activities that you enjoy and can do at home if you need to, such as dancing (pump up the music!) or circuit training. Give this at-home feel-good exercise class a try!

Get outdoors for a brief break

Fresh air is powerful and the beauty in nature is very grounding, whether you are walking down a tree-lined city street or hiking through a dense forest. Take at least five minutes outside to rejuvenate and reset the stress button.

Stay Hydrated

Your body is composed of 60% water, so it’s no wonder that hydration is essential for healthy coping mechanisms to the stress response. You are also more likely to become dehydrated when under stress because your heart rate goes up and you breathe more heavily, causing a loss of fluids. Sip stress away with water and herbal teas, and avoid caffeinated or sugary drinks that can dehydrate you.

Eat Healthy and Nutritiously

Nutrients can become depleted during times of physical, mental, emotional, and even environmental stress. Proper nutrition can counterbalance the negative impact of stress by supporting your immune system and mood. Choose whole grains to get your B vitamins, including pantothenic acid (vitamin B5); fruits and vegetables for their sugar-balancing fiber, vitamin C, and phytonutrients; lean proteins for a healthy immune system; and foods rich in omega-3 fats for mental support.


Natural Supplements for Stress

Sometimes, we can do the activities listed above and still may need the extra support that supplements can offer. There are specialized nutrients and botanicals in supplements that can help create a sense of calm. These ingredients are prominently featured in Natural Factors’ Stress-Relax® line. Stress-Relax supplements help to promote restful sleep, mental calm, emotional well-being, and an overall state of relaxation.

Restful Sleep

We all have a lot on our minds these days and may suffer from restless nights. Let Tranquil Sleep® softgels carry you off to a blissful slumber. A natural coating reduces any chance of digestive distress. This soothing and gentle combination of  L-theanine, 5-HTP, and melatonin will help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. 

Mental Calm

Need some quick mental calm? Suntheanine® may be just what you need. Available in a delicious tropical fruit-flavored chewable or a capsule, this supplement contains pure L-Theanine, a unique amino acid found in green tea that supports mental calmness and relaxation. Theanine stimulates the production of alpha brain waves (a state often achieved by meditation and characterized by being relaxed with greater mental focus and mental alertness), as well as reduce beta-waves (associated with nervousness, scattered thoughts, and hyperactivity).

Emotional Well-being

Pharma GABA® works similarly to but has a stronger effect than Suntheanine. Thus, this product is great for those needing a little extra support. GABA or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid also stimulates the production of alpha waves and reduces beta waves. GABA, a neurotransmitter found naturally in the brain, may contribute to a calm mood and quiet mental chatter. Available in chewables or capsules.

An Overall State of Relaxation

While stress is inevitable, it’s important to find ways to keep calm. With natural supplements for stress in easy-to-take chewables and capsules, you can achieve less stress quickly and continue being your best self.  


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