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Contemplate the rippling waters of the Mediterranean Sea – the birthplace of the famed Mediterranean Diet. Mild wet winters and warm dry summers are perfect for growing nutrient-dense fruits and veggies which form the basis of the largely plant-based diet. Coconuts, olive oil, legumes, whole grains, lemons, figs, nuts, and seafood fill devotees’ plates there and even here outside Philadelphia. And it’s all good! What’s more, a NEW sustainable plant-based protein powder now exists for your heart-healthy, immune-supportive, Mediterranean Diet. Easily mix up protein for the Mediterranean Diet and drink it. Three clean eco options: plant-based protein, plant & salmon protein, or plant-based weight loss protein.

In the latest push from Certified B Corp brand, Garden of Life, each protein product is Certified Carbon-Neutral, comes in a post consumable recycled plastic container, and is verified nonGMO. ‘Walk the talk’ means something here with Dr. Formulated protein shake mix. In fact, the name “MD Protein” reflects on the good doctor as well as the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet protein powder

Not a Single Fish Was Caught for Salmon Protein Powder

While the diet is especially easy to follow, there are times when life gets ahead of us. MD Protein Plant & Sustainable Salmon mix up easily and taste delicious. No – it does not taste like a “fish smoothie”. In fact, the novel chocolate blend recently won the 2021 Chefs Best Award of Excellence. Only brands that surpass quality standards established by smart, independent professional chefs get this distinction. Know that the texture and flavor are a knockout. And the chocolate is Fair Trade, of course.

Additionally, no fish died in the preparation of this powder. Only off-cuts were used in the unique process. This reflects the ever-increasing commitment by this brand to sustainability. Look for the Friends of the Sea seal of approval.

While one serving provides 20 grams of quality protein, it doesn’t all source from the sea. In true Mediterranean Diet style, the product combines salmon with legumes in the plant-based formula. Therefore the protein consists of fava bean protein, pea protein, and sustainable Norwegian salmon protein, combined.

Heart-healthy fiber includes Swedish oat beta-glucans. MCT from coconut helps you feel satisfied and provides natural energy. Immune support from olive leaf extract and probiotics top it off. Olives are so powerful.


Entirely Plant-Based Protein

Want only plants? No problem. The Mediterranean Diet plant-based protein blend has fava bean protein, ancient sprouted barley protein and rice protein. The fiber, MCT, and immune ingredients are similar to the one above. Sustainable, vegan, Mediterranean Diet approved. MD Plant-Based is suitable for vegans.


Weight Loss Protein for the Mediterranean Diet

Similar to the already mentioned product, though this one has the addition of organic Svetol® to help with your weight loss program. Naturally decaffeinated green coffee bean extract burns fat! Exercise, eat your MD veggies, avoid fast food, and drink your MD Protein Fit. Choose sustainably produced protein for weight loss support that tastes so good again and again! Each serving yields 12 grams net carbs.

*Soluble fiber, including beta-glucans from whole oats and barley, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Each version of MD Protein is soy and peanut-free. While each has very low gluten content, they are not entirely gluten-free.

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