New CBD Solutions to Make You Happy

It’s happened again! You won’t believe what Dr. Perlmutter just created. Will he ever stop? The new products are delicious CBD gummies and also soothing CBD skincare.


CBD Gummies That Taste Good

Everybody loves CBD and these are special right out of the jar. How many times have you tried CBD but couldn’t palette it? This collection of whole hemp extract chewables are something to write home to grandma about! Each of six varieties tastes delicious without added sugar. Truly, they slide down easily because they’re made with organic fruit, premium organic herbs, and a little organic stevia.

dr. formulated CBD gummies: extra strength, 10 mg, inflammation, sleep, stress

No matter which one you choose you’ll get a certified THC-free gummy. This is an important feature as many do not want any part of that intoxicating hemp compound. In fact, the hemp is grown sustainably and organically in the USA and tested to be nonGMO. The suggested serving size is 2 gummies to really make you happy!

Here’s the whole hemp extract menu:

  1. 10 mg Mango
  2. 10 mg Tart Cherry
  3. 10 mg Inflammatory Response with organic curcumin and ginger extract
  4. 10 mg Sleep with organic lemon balm and valerian extracts
  5. 10 mg Stress Relief with organic ashwagandha root extract
  6. 20 mg Extra Strength

Which one will you pick? Or maybe you’ll choose a CBD topical cream or lotion to make you happy. All ingredients are pure, often organic, and fully traceable.


Cooling CBD Skin Cream

The hemp CBD topicals will make you smile! Only the finest soothing ingredients go into the cruelty-free, vegan skincare products. You won’t miss the THC, parabens, PEGs, or palm oil which aren’t even there. Each choice is made with organically grown hemp and contains organic Ayurvedic botanicals for added relief. Feed your endocannabinoid system through your skin.

dr. formulated CBD intensive recovery lotion and cooling rescue cream

Get the Rescue Cream with 200 mg CBD in the bottle. Cooling organic wintergreen and eucalyptus will enhance your satisfaction as your muscles drink deeply. Choose the Intensive Recovery lotion for 800 mg CBD per bottle. Organic ashwagandha and holy basil will soothe to the max! Skin, muscles, and more will give a cheerful sigh.

Thanks, Garden of Life for Dr. Formulated CBD tasty gummies. Many thanks for the soothing skincare, too.


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