Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Fish Oils for Purity, Potency

Join Nordic Naturals in congratulating Martindale’s Natural Market as they celebrate their 150th Anniversary in April! Enjoy exclusive savings on a selection of popular Nordic Naturals fish oil products for a limited time. Additionally, enter a raffle for your chance to win Ninga Instant Pot programmable pressure cooker, courtesy of Nordic Naturals and an omega 3 product gift basket.


Redefining Industry Standards for Omega-3s

Nordic Naturals is proud to make the #1 omega-3 fish oil in the United States.† Since 1995, we’ve delivered the freshest fish oils on the planet, redefining industry standards for purity, freshness, taste and potency. Today, we continue our commitment to optimal health, offering a growing assortment of expertly formulated supplements. Specifically, we offer our omega-3s, probiotics and key nutrients in their most effective and bioavailable forms to support your health.

Sustainably Sourced, Carefully Purified

All Nordic Naturals omega-3 fish oils are sustainably sourced, impeccably fresh and carefully purified. In the first place, we start with the best raw materials available to make great-tasting omega-3 fish oils. In fact, our quality control begins directly in the ocean. We carefully choose sustainable fish species that are naturally low in toxins and high in omega-3 fats. To protect against oxidation that can cause fishy smell and taste, Nordic Naturals uses an oxygen-free, nitrogen-rich processing environment. As a result, all of our omega-3 formulas are clean and exceptionally fresh. You won’t have any fishy burps or aftertaste. Notably, thanks to careful molecular distillation, all of our fish oils are gently purified of heavy metals and other contaminants. 

Importantly, we deliver all omega-3 fish oils in the triglyceride molecular form. This is the same form that omega-3s are naturally found in fish for superior absorption and effectiveness.


Nordic Naturals Offers Savings and Prizes to Customers

Celebrate with Martindale’s

Nordic Naturals is happy to help celebrate Martindale’s 150th Anniversary with savings on a selection of best-selling products in April. These include Ultimate Omega® (180 ct. and 60 ct.), Ultimate Omega®-D3 (60 ct.), Omega-3 (180 ct.), DHA Xtra (60 ct.), and Nordic Berries multivitamin gummies in Original Citrus flavor (120 ct.). In addition, we will be offering Martindale’s customers a chance to win a Ninga Instant Pot programmable pressure cooker and a gift basket of a selection of our omega 3 fish oil products. Come to the store and enter for your chance to win! No purchase is necessary for this giveaway. Collecting entries from April 2nd at noon.

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Ninga Instant Pot and Nordic Naturals Gift Basket


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