Not the Same: Women’s Maca, Men’s Maca

You have probably heard of maca, but did you know that not all maca is the same?

13 Types of Maca – Get the Right Type for You

Grown high in the Andes in Peru, maca is an ancient solution with a safe history spanning over 2,000 years. Many women search out maca in hopes of supporting menopause symptoms, like hot flashes, dryness, low libido, brain fog, weight gain and night sweats. But there are many varieties of maca and you’ll be surprised to discover that most off-the-shelf, standard maca work best for men—not women. In fact, there are 13 different types of maca. Each has a different color, DNA, and active ingredient amounts. Most important, each type of maca does something different. For example, one type of maca affects fertility in men… but a different type affects fertility in women. One type affects prostate health and none of the others do. The truth is, the wrong type of maca can be harmful to your health. In fact, for certain conditions like hair loss, acne and hormone balance… standard maca powders can make it worse! Plus, some companies try to keep costs really low by adding fillers. Or get lower quality maca from another country because it’s cheaper.

Maca for Women

Femmenessence is actually the only natural, herbal product that has ever demonstrated statistically significant effects on hormones in clinical trials, in women of all ages. A lot of companies make claims but Femmenenessence is backed by our own published clinical trials. You can trust it will work for you.

Choose the right maca capsules. Get the maca guide here.


  • MacaLife® and MacaPause® help women with hormonal issues of perimenopause and menopause for day and night hot flashes, libido, personal dryness, mental clarity, and more.


  • MacaHarmony® will help you if you’re a younger gal getting ready to have a baby needing fertility support as it balances a woman’s hormones. Are bloating, acne, cramps and mood changes making you dread each monthly cycle? This maca supplement also helps with periods.


Here’s a proper education:


Men’s Maca

For men’s hormone balance, strength and vitality, Revolution Macalibrium® has been formulated using the specific types of maca targeted for men’s biology. Used in all phases of life, hormone support has benefits to sexual health, libido, energy, strength, prostate, endurance and fertility.


Our Seed-to-Shelf philosophy produces the best product in the world

Mother Nature is pretty amazing. That’s why we’ve taken the time to learn from her. Natural Health International has supplied natural products for nearly 20 years and have tirelessly researched how country of origin, variety, soil, elevation, rainfall, time of the season, lunar cycle, diurnal cycle, harvest method, transport method, drying method, manufacturing process and even how it’s packed and packaged affect the power and potency of the ingredients used to make the best possible products. Just check out these awards which demonstrate the best products.


  • Best Women’s Health Supplement 2016 Delicious Living Magazine, 2017 Runner Up
  • CPG Editor’s Choice Award Finalist 2016 Supply Side West
  • Nutra Ingredients Finalist 2017


We believe all the stages of your life should be honored and celebrated with the same enthusiasm. And that your health, real beauty and confidence never fade. You no longer need to feel discouraged or disempowered by your natural stages of life. Together, with free access to NHI’s Medical Team and these advanced products, you will be supported, discover a deeper understanding of your body and experience solutions to help you naturally balance your body’s hormone production and rediscover the joy of living in your body at every stage of your life.


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Maca For Women, Maca for Men


Not the Same: Women's Maca, Men's Maca
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Not the Same: Women's Maca, Men's Maca
You'll be surprised to discover that most off-the-shelf, standard maca work best for men—not women. Most important, each type of maca does something different. Learn which maca is right for a woman and which is best for men.
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