Organic Local Microgreens

e3 garden microgreens sustainable produceThe babies are growing and you’re going to love them. We’re talking about e3 Garden microgreens! Sustainable microgreens are now available in store during the dead of winter, through the heat of summer, and all year long. Finally, delicious organic, local microgreens have come to our store.


Organic seeds grow on organic sterile mats in nutrient-dense water to become microgreens of the future. Look as you may for soil, you won’t find it. Hydroponic methods don’t use soil as a growing medium. Hydroponics is a method for growing plants in water without soil. Clean soil-free medium anchors the root system.

Notably, plants sell with roots still attached. This helps ensure a longer life to harvest fresher greens. Sustainable growing methods yield quality plants. e3 Garden is a business member of PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture), just like Martindale’s. Solar panels provide clean energy. Additionally, e3 Garden produce is AVA Vegan Certified.

Standard micros take 10-14 days to be ready. On the other hand, specialty micros can take much longer. Varying growing patterns produce erratic availability. It will be worth the wait. Call ahead to check supply.

Varieties will vary as options change. Occasionally, you’ll see pea shoots, radish, or mild mix. Other times you’ll feast on kale or broccoli. Choices will change up and surprise will turn into delight. Every bite satisfies.

Local Microgreens

The greens are born and bred in Media and are local by every standard. In fact, we’ll get our microgreens from as little as a three miles away! The freshness will be evident and you’ll beg for more.

Vegetable farming occurs indoors achieving higher quality. No herbicides or pesticides are needed. Solar energy powers the system 365 days per year. These are truly sustainably grown greens. Get your local microgreens in store.

hydroponic microgreen veggies growing