Organic Multivitamins to Fill the Gaps

An organic multivitamin can be a staple in anyone’s daily supplement routine. While we do get many vitamins and nutrients from the foods that we eat, there still may be gaps. A daily multivitamin can help fill nutritional gaps. Of course, a multivitamin never should act as a replacement for good nutritious foods, but rather complement your daily diet for the benefit of additional nutrients. As our bodies burn through vitamins, we can easily replenish immune support with an organic vitamin C spray. Read on to learn more.

You might have been told as a child to “always take your multivitamins!”. Likely in a tasty, but probably quite chalky, chewable shaped like one of your favorite characters. Despite doing this as part of your daily childhood routine, you maybe never understood why. So let’s take a look into organic multivitamins and all of the wonderful things they can do for us!


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Why Consider a Multivitamin?

Importantly, we must know what makes a “true multivitamin”. Those are dietary formulas that provide essential vitamins and minerals at the relatively low levels that the body normally requires. There are studies that have shown that there is some benefit to taking a multivitamin and no current known risks. Dr. Howard Sesso, a professor at Harvard School of Public Health, says: “Multivitamin supplementation is low risk and low cost. It helps fill potential gaps in the diet that people might have.”


Groups At Risk for a Nutrient Deficiency

  1. While anyone can likely benefit from a multivitamin to some extent, there are some that need it more. First of all, some folks just don’t eat right. Then, adults begin to pass middle age and may find certain medications block nutrient absorption. Lastly, there are various reasons why those in their golden years may be more susceptible to nutrient deficiency. The elderly often find chewing and swallowing food more challenging. Possibly, medications and treatments cause an unpleasant change to tastebuds leading to a poor diet. Additionally, many elderly folks may experience isolation or loneliness that can lead to a lack of appetite.
  2. Pregnant women benefit from a quality prenatal multivitamin formula. Getting enough folate is very important for women of childbearing years, especially before and into early pregnancy. Other vitamins and nutrients that benefit pregnant women and the development of babies are iron, calcium, and vitamin D.
  3. Third, are people under considerable amounts of stress. When we are in a state of stress, certain nutrients are released to help us cope and keep us healthy. However, when this occurs, it leaves our bodies in a depleted state of nutrients like B vitamins and magnesium. The cycle continues as we must replenish those vitamins quickly so our bodies may continue to benefit. This is the job of a multivitamin supplement.


The Good Stuff

Look for multivitamins with vitamins and minerals sourced directly from organic foods. It is important to find a quality multivitamin that takes pride in their sourcing, lists each and every ingredient and their specific amounts, and is third-party certified. This is versus the run-of-the-mill “commercial” drugstore brand. Those are typically not organic nor sourced from food, let alone organic food. Additionally, those generic or synthetic multis contain all kinds of ingredients you can’t pronounce, fillers, and byproducts. For example, some popular brands contain polyvinyl alcohol, talc, maltodextrin, and colorings (i.e. yellow 6).

We all have different nutritional needs. Yet one thing is consistent: our bodies are designed to consume organic, whole, nutritious healthy foods. Thus, multivitamins should be from whole, nutritious foods too. Garden of Life mykind Organics Multivitamins live up to that standard. Their organic multis are made from whole foods, with over 30 organic veggies, fruits, and herbs. Delivering all the benefits of whole plant foods, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other important nutrients. Plus they’re dual certified, meaning both Certified USDA Organic (and one of the first of their kind to be so!) and Non-GMO Project Verified. Lastly, they’re Certified Vegan, Gluten-Free Certified and their label claims are validated for Certificate of Analysis. 


No Matter Who, There’s an Organic Multivitamin for You!

Nobody is exactly the same. Our bodies require different things based on our lifestyles, our biology, whether we are a man or a woman, and what age we are. Accordingly, our multivitamins must vary to support those differences. That is why you will see a multitude of multis on the shelf. There are convenient once-daily formulas and tasty gummy options for adults. Additionally, there are complexes with different ingredients to best suit a woman or man, young adult, or an older adult. Lastly, there are organic multivitamins for specific phases of life such as pregnancy.

Women’s Multis and Prenatals

Multivitamins for women vary slightly for age, stage of life, and lifestyle. Among other nutrients, specifically in the formula for women, there’s iron for blood support and B vitamins for skin and nails. 

Choose from Prenatal Once Daily or for more complete coverage, the Prenatal Multi at 3 tablets per day dosage. Both prenatal formulas are whole food multivitamin supplements. A prenatal multi is the right choice for before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as for your unborn baby. Made from easy-to-digest, real, nutritious organic foods that won’t upset your stomach, these prenatal vitamins:

  • Help your body prepare for pregnancy, nourish & protect you and your baby during pregnancy and provide the boost you need while breastfeeding
  • Contain 800 mcg folate (from organic lemon peel) to support healthy fetal development
  • Contain 18 mg iron (from organic curry leaves) to help fight iron-deficiency anemia
  • Have a certified organic stomach soothing blend containing organic ginger & organic peppermint to help with feelings of nausea

Men’s Multis

As with women’s multis, the men’s multis also vary depending on age and lifestyle. For men, in addition to other nutrients, there’s folate for prostate support and B vitamins for energy and endurance.

For those who need a fast multivitamin, there are once-daily options for both men and women. Just take one, once per day. Take it with food or without. It’s simple to pop one vitamin pill and move on with your day.


The Added Perks of Vitamin C

In addition to natural organic multivitamins filling in the gaps in our diets, there is also room for some good old vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary for the body to form blood vessels, cartilage, muscle, and collagen in bones. Additionally, it works as an antioxidant against free radicals and is vital for our body’s ability to heal.

Garden of Life MyKind Organics does it again with their convenient and delicious liquid Vitamin C Organic Spray. Truly the “no touch” vitamin C option is good for the workplace or on the road. The spray comes in yummy cherry-tangerine or orange-tangerine flavor made with no sugar added and sourced naturally from Amla berry. Organic Amla berry is one of the richest food sources of vitamin C with naturally occurring bioflavonoids and supporting co-nutrients for vitamin C absorption. Support a healthy immune system, healthy skin and tissue, and more with vitamin C. Organic, whole food C is the best choice and the sprays are gluten-free, and vegan certified, which means it’s a 100% plant-based formula.


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