Organic Plant-Based Protein in 2021

It’s a wrap! 2020 is officially over and history. Embrace the future with confidence and inspiration by owning your health – as much as you can. Consider how much protein you consume in a typical day whether you’re vegan, paleo, or flexitarian. Protein is a good place to start but don’t let it end there.  Make headway in your personal weight management goals by addressing pesky food cravings. You know what we’re referring to: sugar and carb cravings watch out!  Then, combine healthy lifestyle habits with organic, plant-based protein powder and see your health transformed.


What Does Protein Do?

Do your research. How much protein do you need? How will you get it? Why is this important? Protein when consumed in conjunction with resistance exercise, supports healthy muscles and helps build and maintain lean muscle mass. Weight goals come into focus and metabolism succeeds. Immunity, cardio health, and even your skin starts to shine. Can’t help but feel more energy. It’s good to be alive in 2021!

Anytime your body needs fuel is a good time for a protein shake. After a night’s rest and fast you arise and eventually get the hangries. Mix up a fancy or basic smoothie and your body takes it from there. Working out? Good for you. Protein fuels your muscles whether it’s at home, outside, or at a real gym.

Protein Powder No-No’s

How do you choose which protein powder to supplement your diet? First of all, identify whether you want dairy protein vs plant protein. Dairy is a no-no for those who can’t tolerate lactose or casein. Did you know an excess of dairy can contribute to increased mucus and postnasal drip in some people? Flexitarians who already consume more than their share of cheese, milk, and other dairies will want to diversify and choose protein powder made from vegetables. Balance your diet. Of course, vegans would only want plant-sourced protein. Great!

Then there are commonly found unnecessary or unhealthy additives you’d best avoid in your daily protein supplement. These include, but are not limited to, genetically modified ingredients, fillers, preservatives, heavy metals, and sugar. Sugar is not your friend when you’re seeking healthy weight management and optimal health. Do not feed the sugar-craving monster!

Let’s skip unwanted ingredients. Honestly, is it even possible to get one without stevia, even organic stevia? Without organic guar gum? Organic erythritol? Organic natural flavors? How about xanthan gum? Lift up your chin and hear this: yes! Thoroughly tested, thoroughly delicious protein powders do exist with no nasty ingredients.

certified organic plant based protein

Finding Pure, Certified Organic Protein

Fortunately, Truvani, (co-founded by Vani Hari – A.K.A. The Food Babe), produces organic, plant-based protein with only 5 pure ingredients (and sugar is not one of them) in their special easy-blend formula:

  1. pea protein – organic  banana, vanilla, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate protein powder
  2. pumpkin seed protein – organic
  3. chia seeds – organic
  4. vanilla powder from whole organic vanilla beans
  5. Luo Han Guo – organic

and here’s what else is in it:                                                  … sound of crickets… that means NOTHING!

Five pure organic real foods combine to blend easily and taste delicious. It’s also gluten-free and USDA organic. And that’s just the vanilla flavor. The chocolate flavor adds one more ingredient to this list for a total of 6: organic alkalized cocoa. Look for two new flavors with only 7 ingredients in-store: Banana Cinnamon Plant Protein and Chocolate Peanut Butter Plant Protein. If purity is a priority, then Truvani is right for you.

If taste is important, and we all know it is, then plant protein this good needs to go on your shopping list.


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