Pick a Stronger Fish Oil for More Omega 3

So you want an ultra-strong fish oil. Not all fish oil is created equal. When seeking high-quality fish oil you should look for certain features that are particularly important: freshness, purity, form and potency. Read on!


No Fishy Burps, No Rancidity

Reducing fishy aftertaste is especially important when taking an omega supplement with much higher potency. Make sure your fish oil supplement is fresh is important for taste and product efficacy. The primary reason people resist taking fish oil is fear of unpleasant taste and aftertaste. Higher freshness levels result in better-tasting fish oil that don’t cause fish burps. Taste and smell are good indicators of freshness. An unpleasant fishy smell, taste or burps indicate that a product is rancid (oxidized). Rancidity reduces the efficacy of fish oil. This applies to liquid and capsule forms of supplementation. Test your fish oil capsules for freshness by biting into them!

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Pure Fish Oil

Clean fish oil is also critical. Fish oil must be purified to eliminate trace amounts of heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs. A third-party product analysis can validate both purity and freshness. Pure fish oil also consists of one that contains non-GMO ingredients. Eurofins Scientific GeneScan Division, a worldwide consortium of testing laboratories, is an industry leader with over 20 years in GMO testing. It’s a Non-GMO Project accredited lab and is a trusted scientific option for non-GMO verification.



Natural Form for Stability

It’s important to choose supplements in triglyceride form, particularly when selecting a concentrate. Many concentrates are in an ethyl ester form, a form rarely found in nature. Research suggests that triglycerides are more stable, which protects these fats from oxidation. Lastly, scientific evidence suggests triglycerides have an absorptive advantage over ethyl esters. By now you must have concluded that products this good must be from Nordic Naturals!



Finally, potency is another key factor. How much omega-3 one needs depends on the individual’s unique nutritional requirements. To understand how much EPA and DHA is provided in the product, you must read the amounts of EPA and DHA on the back of the label, not the total omega-3 count on the front. EPA and DHA are the bioactive omega-3 fats that are responsible for benefits associated with the omega-3 fat family. Read on about a super strength fish oil supplement!


Ultra High Potency Fish Oil

Ultimate Omega 2X is Nordic Natural’s most powerful fish oil to date. It features the highest-concentration omega-3 fish oil in the form found naturally in fish. It delivers superior absorption and maximum benefits. With 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA in each soft gel, the 2X strength offers Omega-3 support for heart, brain and joint health. Each soft gel capsule contains 562 mg EPA, 438 mg DHA. Dosage is two per day for extra strength dosing of 2,150 mg of Omega-3 total. This is your best choice when you want more powerful fish oil and you want it to be natural. Ultimate Omega 2X is adorned with your choice of natural lemon or strawberry flavor to enhance your experience.

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Mini Omega-3 with D

Do you want extra potency but have trouble swallowing capsules? Get Ultimate Omega 2X Minis! Get regular Minis or Minis combined with Vitamin D3. This is a match made in heaven because the D3 is a fat-soluble nutrient that gets absorbed well in mini fish oilyour daily fish oil supplement.


You asked for it – now your teen has a 2x more powerful omega 3 just for them!

Nordic Naturals uses only wild-caught, sustainably-sourced fish. Nordic Naturals is the #1 selling fish oil in the U.S. and has won over 75 awards. All Ultimate Omega 2X Fish Oils meet the criteria. Recently, the 2X fish oil won a Best of Supplements 2017 Award from Better Nutrition for Essential Fatty Acids. Check this out:

  • Fresh

  • Pure

  • Natural

  • Potent




by Valerie Villalobos


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