Probiotics for Your Dog’s Health

The bond between dog owners and our canine companions is unmistakable. Even before we welcome a new dog into the family we can spend months preparing for their arrival, making sure they have everything they need to help them feel at home. But what about caring for their health? What about doggie supplements? Let’s consider dog probiotics.


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Canine Probiotics Supplement Ingredients

Like their human counterparts, today’s dogs must contend with an increasingly toxic global environment – one that puts added strain on their bodies and their immune systems. In addition, everyday stress factors such as travel, boarding, and separation can impact their emotional well-being, which is why it is so important for pet owners to take a proactive holistic approach to keeping their dogs healthy. Friendly probiotic flora can help.


Target Your Dog’s Care

It is important to remember that dogs have very different needs than their human companions, and those needs should be considered when making decisions about your pet’s health. Essentially, what works for our bodies may not necessarily work for our pet. Herbal remedies must be formulated specifically with regard to canine physiology. In other words, species-specific formulas are critical.


Common Doggish Health Problems Include:

  • Digestive and Immune Issues
  • Hip, Joint and Muscle Problems
  • Anxiety, Behavior, and Mood
  • Skin and Coat Health
  • Poor Liver Health and Toxicity

Look for other natural Vital Planet products such as Calm Formula and Hip & Joint Formula designed especially to help address your dog’s health problems.

Vital Planet™ believes your pet’s intestinal health relates greatly to their overall wellbeing, and having a proper balance of intestinal bacteria plays an essential role. Provide your dog with a natural daily probiotic formulated specifically for them to help ensure your pet stays healthy.

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What are Probiotics for Dogs?

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that populate the small and large intestines of all humans and also our pets. The word “probiotic” means “beneficial for life”. Some of the good bacteria are called Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. These good bacteria play a key role in protecting your pet against illness and harmful organisms. Because nearly 75% of your pet’s immune defenses are located in the digestive tract, having a proper balance of intestinal bacteria is an essential part of achieving and maintaining overall health. When your dog does not have enough probiotics in their digestive tract they can begin to develop symptoms. These symptoms can eventually lead to more serious health conditions. Many conditions that can be directly linked to an imbalance of gut bacteria are the very reasons you end up in a vet’s clinic.


Many people do not associate their pet’s digestive health with probiotics. However, the gut is the key to your dog’s ability to be healthy and happy or end up unhealthy and in pain. A properly functioning digestive system is the foundation to your pet’s overall health.


There are various factors that can create a bacterial imbalance in our pets including antibiotic use, poor diet, stress, and vaccinations just to name a few. Natural Flora Dog™ Probiotics can help.


Benefits of Probiotics:

  • Promote Intestinal Well-Being
  • Support Digestion and Absorption
  • Balance Intestinal Microflora
  • Help Support Bowel Health
  • Support the Immune System
  • Help Support Healthy Breath


If you’re like most dog lovers, you consider “Fido” a true member of your family.  You want to do the very best for them…the best food, the best health care, and the best natural supplements.  At Vital Planet, we also believe your pet deserves only the best…the best ingredients, the best potency, and the best results. Choose Flora Dog Probiotics!


More Canine Supplements

Also look for Vital Planet Calm Formula and Hip & Joint Formula designed especially for your dog. Calm Formula is fortified with GABA and L-Theanine, Eastern herbs, and flower essences to support a normal and relaxed disposition in your doggie friend. Hip & Joint Formula is fortified with glucosamine and MSM, herbs and flower essences to ease your dog’s joint stiffness and support hip and joint health. Save on all three canine supplements.


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Probiotics for Your Dog's Health
We can spend months preparing for our dog's arrival, making sure they have everything they need to help them feel at home. But what about caring for their health? What about doggie supplements? Let's consider dog probiotics.
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