Prunus Genus and the Humble Pluot

organic pluot fruitYou Crossed a Plum with a WHAT?

What is the benefit of being in the Prunus genus? Along with almonds, nectarines, cherries, peaches, and apricots are the ever-varying colors of plums from deep indigo through pale pink and creamy yellow. As yummy as each of these stone-fruits are, especially organic fruit like we sell here, you can achieve even sweeter ecstasy when a cross-fertilization between plums and apricots occurs. Thus, the humble pluot.

These are all stone fruit, after all, that live in the orchard — they’re related! Crossing about 70% plum with 30% apricot yields fruit with the salivatingly notable title of “pluots”. You will love them! And yes, ours are definitely organic and have absolutely nothing to do with nasty genetically engineered food.

 1. Pluots

$2.79 lb

2. Black Plums

$3.29 lb

 3. Yellow Peaches

$4.49 lb


This first week of August is a perfect time to go local and topless!

Topless carrots, that is. Harvested locally from area Pennsylvania farms such as E. Fudd and the growers at Lancaster Farm Fresh.

4. Local Orange Carrots

No tops!