Reality Check: Your Kid Needs Vitamins

Did your child bring home a nasty bug this past winter? You know, the kind that you can’t see but makes your child sick. Not only do your kids get a cold or flu bug, but the entire family is laid out for a week. Do not block this from your memory banks. Remember?


You can’t see your child’s immune system but you assume it exists. Often you have your doubts as the piles of wet tissues stack up and the kids fall asleep right after dinner. What are those antibodies and T-cells doing anyway? Get back on the job! How can you light a fire under your child’s immune system so you can see their smile light up again? Your little boy or girl needs you to get on top of this.


Vitamin C for the Kiddos

Vitamin C has been studied for its positive effects on the immune system. U-Cubes Gummies Vitamin C can be given to your toddler as young as two or three years of age and past age four on up. You wish they’d eat fresh fruit every day but they don’t. Make sure they get the immune system boost from vitamin C in a good-tasting gummy.


Fortunately, U-Cubes Gummies vitamins for kids are delicious with a reasonable amount of natural sugar on the outside of the gummy. A toddler’s amiable dosage of two gummies will deliver only 3 grams of sugar which is just enough to avoid a battle and win the immune war on the homefront. Your little sweetheart will get 250 mg of ascorbic acid vitamin C. U Cubes are all like this: good tasting with low sugar on the outside of each gummy.


Older kids, over age four, will get 500 mg of C with four gummies and only 5 grams of sugar. Frankly, if this amount of sugar bothers you, simply rub a couple together and watch the sugar fall off. Voila! Now you have less sugar.

Picky eater needs U Cubes

Now get to it and feed your child fresh fruits and vegetables with leafy greens, whole grains, milk and dairy, as well as proteins like chicken and beans. This is the ideal for every young child or grandchild, girl or boy.

Ha! And now we switch you over to reality programming and why you need to start giving your child top quality multivitamins designed especially for them.


Reality: Why Your Child Needs Multivitamins

You need kid’s vitamins if any of these are true:


  • Eating on the run
  • Picky eaters who hardly eat at all
  • Restricted diet (no gluten, dairy, etc)
  • Drink lots of soda which leaches nutrients
  • Medical conditions
  • Medications that deplete the body
  • French fry and chicken nugget addicts


You’re in luck. U-Cubes has a natural multivitamin formula for children in addition to their vitamin C. There’s a lot left out of this multi and that’s a good thing: no gluten, wheat, dairy or artificial flavoring/colors. It’s non-GMO. You’ll find no beef or pork gelatin and they’re not tested on animals. The vitamin C is also perfect for vegans and vegetarians. The multi is not vegan because it has regular vitamin D in it which comes from sheep’s wool.


So what’s in it? U-Cubes Children’s Multivitamins are based on tapioca and pectin. Here are the supplement facts so you can see for yourself what your kid or grandchild will be getting.

nutritional panel vitamins



Best of all every variety of U-Cubes are at a big discount in the month of March. We’re going to boost your child’s immune system with vitamin C. We’re going to pad your kid’s normal diet with great nutrition in a daily gummy vitamin formula. And he/she’s going to love it!


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Reality Check: Your Kid Needs Vitamins
We’re going to boost your child’s immune system with vitamin C. We’re going to pad your kid’s normal diet with great nutrition in a daily gummy vitamin formula. And he/she’s going to love it!
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