Shake It Off, Baby! Protein for Weight Loss

Perhaps you’ve overindulged in 2017. Return to your ideal weight in 2018 with quality exercise, mental focus, and pleasurable ways to fuel it all with fewer calories. Enter Raw Fit, the organic weight loss shake from Garden of Life, designed to help you look great as you enjoy a shake every day! Shake off the extra pounds, baby. Hope you don’t mind us calling you “baby”.

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What’s Different About this Weight Loss Protein Powder?

Start with a muscle-enhancing blend of organic plant proteins: sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes. There are 13 of these raw protein ingredients that are whole food and vegan-friendly:

  • Pea
  • Sprouted Brown Rice
  • Tapioca
  • Chia
  • Flax
  • Chlorella
  • Amaranth
  • Quinoa
  • More

We’re making a big deal about Raw Fit being cold processed and raw. Denatured protein has been damaged by high heat. This inhibits bioavailability and is undesirable.


High Protein with Fiber

Mix 1 level scoop of powder into a tall glass of water or perhaps almond milk for 28 grams of high protein deliciousness. You’ll also get 9 grams of fiber to feel full longer and contribute to more stable blood sugar levels. Bark orders now at your cravings; your blood sugar levels will hear and obey. You can thank the fiber as well as the glucose management blend. No, you won’t feel bloated: probiotics and enzymes are included to help digest it all. Organic Ashwagandha helps fight cravings and thwart hungry meanies by reducing stress. You don’t have any stress, do you!


Raw Fit has no added sugar and is sweetened with a yummy mix of erythritol and stevia – both of which are organic. Once again, the blood sugar levels say “no place like home” in Kansas instead of spiking. You’ll think you’re cheating because this shake tastes so creamy and good, but it’s really healthy! And just as important it will help you lose weight, naturally. Healthy weight loss is best: exercise, resolve, and clean dietary nutrition like this protein shake.


Burn Fat, Reduce Weight with Green Coffee Bean

Maintain your healthy blood sugar and burn fat away naturally with Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract. Svetol has been studied for the following effects with positive outcomes:

  • Body Mass Reduction
  • Regulate Glucose
  • Burns Fat

Svetol is the only green coffee extract with proven efficacy in published clinicals. Green Coffee Bean is rich in the natural compound chlorogenic acid. Raw Fit uses authentic Svetol Green Coffee Bean extract to help tone and slim your body in collaboration with your whole weight management program. Svetol’s unique chlorogenic acid profile is highly bioavailable. Drink a high protein shake with Green Coffee extract for breakfast and to boost your energy before or after a workout. Women love it, so do men.


Clean Weight Loss

Raw Fit is certified vegan, NSF certified gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. It has 3rd party certifications for USDA certified organic and non-GMO Project Verified. Certified B Corp. This is a clean, high protein shake mix that tastes great and is guiltless. Choose plant-based protein in this specialty weight loss formula.


Get it in Vanilla, Chocolate Cacao, Original, or Coffee in the big tub or perhaps a trial pack. Be warned that once you try it you will want more! Build muscle, burn fat, lose weight naturally. Tone up, slim down, fight cravings. Shake it off, baby, with a high protein shake!

Here’s a dandy recipe to go with it:

Organic Fit Protein Bars

Fit Protein Weight Loss Bars

Need a quick, healthy pick-me-up that won’t bust your 2018 weight-loss goals? Try Organic Fit Weight Loss Bars. Packed with 14 grams of plant-based protein and 150mg of Organic Ashwagandha, these bars will stave off cravings and refuel you for on-the-go energy.


Organic Fit bars also contain 225mg of Organic Svetol® green coffee bean extract to help burn fat and boost metabolism. Also included is 14 g of prebiotic fiber to help you feel fuller longer.


Try these new flavors: S’mores, Chocolate Coconut Almond, Chocolate Almond Brownie and Chocolate Covered Cherry. Or sate your cravings with these tried and true flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge and Sea Salt Caramel.


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Return to your ideal weight in 2018 with quality exercise, mental focus, and pleasurable ways to fuel it all with fewer calories. Enter Raw Fit, the organic weight loss protein shake from Garden of Life.
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