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A summer breeze may make you feel fine. Summer sun isn’t always as friendly. Summer sun certainly has benefits. As an example, sunlight increases vitamin D levels supporting your immune system and strengthening your bones. Furthermore, UV light generates nitric oxide supporting cardiovascular health and stimulates your body’s natural mood improvement. In fact, most of a person’s radiant glowing skin comes from collagen reflecting back the light. It’s the collagen. There are forces afoot that work to reduce the glow of skin we all love.

When collagen levels decrease skin becomes thinner, weaker, less elastic, more transparent, drier, and reflects less light.

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The Need to Generate Collagen

Rays from the sun have their downside too. In addition to increasing hyperpigmentation, UV light increases the need to generate collagen in ways many people don’t fully realize.

Strong flexible collagen fibers make up about 75% of healthy skin. Your skin’s strength and thickness are critically dependent on them. Pound-for-pound they are stronger than steel and are the glue that holds your skin together. And together with a closely related structure called elastin, collagen helps keep your skin smooth and supple.

Collagen fibers also reflect light. In fact, as much as 90% of light hitting your skin goes deep into the middle – dermis – layer where your collagen fibers reflect the light back outward, thereby creating your skin’s radiance and glow.

Unfortunately, when collagen levels decrease skin becomes thinner, weaker, less elastic, more transparent, drier, and reflects less light.

The good news is that your skin is continuously renewing itself. Specialized cells called fibroblasts produce matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymes to remove damaged collagen. These same fibroblasts cells then produce new collagen to complete the rejuvenation process. It’s an ongoing cycle.

A group of European researchers estimates the average person must make about 30 grams of new skin collagen every day to properly rejuvenate their skin.  That’s about one pound of new collagen every 15 days!


Shine the Light on Radiant Skin

UV light directly damages collagen fibers. The damage signals your body to make more MMP enzymes and increases the amount of new collagen you need to make each day to repair.

This is where Biosil® is so helpful. Biosil helps protect your existing collagen from being damaged by two leading causes of destruction – homocysteine and the stress hormone cortisol. Biosil also naturally activates and supports key collagen-building enzymes to properly rejuvenate your skin.

Biosil’s ability to help is proven by a study published in Archives of Dermatological Research. Women 40 to 65 years old with moderate photodamaged skin took either two Biosil capsules or two placebo capsules daily for 20 weeks.

Women taking Biosil improved their skin elasticity by 89% and reduced their fine line and wrinkle depth by 30% compared to the placebo group. The researchers stated these improvements were the result of increased collagen. Some of the increase was due to Biosil generating new collagen and some due to Biosil protecting existing collagen.

We are glad to shine the light on the need to increase collagen as this helps you attain a more radiant glowing complexion. Look for Biosil liquid or capsules in-store.


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