Sizzlin’ in the Summer: Women’s Health

save $2 on acteaneNo sooner than you’ve gotten past the child-bearing years full of monthly cramps and PMS, then soon enough you’re sizzling in the heat of hot flashes and night sweats. There you stand in all your limp glory, sweat rings under your arms, face embarrassingly red, and bags under your eyes from night sweats. It’s time for relief!


Of all the common menopausal symptoms striking gals in their 40s or 50s, which do you think is the worst?

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • headache
  • irritability
  • lost sleep


Hormone Free Hot Flash Relief


Though these common symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause are due to hormonal changes, many women want a natural remedy for hot flashes that doesn’t meddle with their hormones. Enter Acteane Homeopathic Hot Flash Remedy – a hormone-free, natural alternative for menopausal hot flash relief. Acteane is soy free, as well, and has no known drug interactions. Not only does it help relieve rascally daytime womanly singes, but your wet nightgown, drenched sheets, and 2 a.m. showers are seeing their end. To add to that, Acteane helps relieve the grumpies, too, for the best in holistic treatment. Take one quick-dissolving tablet by mouth 2 to 4 times throughout the day or night.


Love Your Body Through Menopause


Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet as it may have beneficial effects on your mood. This means it’s time to increase your fruit and vegetable intake so you don’t miss out on important nutrients. The womanly change of life affects your whole body, not just your skin and sweat glands. Remember to exercise regularly to help reduce your risk of depression and keep your stress in check to help maintain overall good health. Take care of yourself.



Back to Menstrual Cramps and PMSperiod cramps


Both older women, as well as younger women, can both benefit from homeopathic women’s remedies. A younger woman has her own natural relief: Cyclease. Cyclease comes in two versions, Cyclease Cramp and Cyclease PMS. Don’t let your period cramps ruin your week. Cramping, aches, and pains are nuisances that you can do without. Every woman’s cycle is different. Homeopathy shines when it comes to women’s issues because it recognizes these differences and addresses them.




Perhaps you feel better when you apply heat. The next gal might feel better when she bends over. Yet a third woman needs to lie down. Cyclease Cramp temporarily relieves minor aches and pains associated with menstrual cramps regardless. For painful periods, take under the tongue at the onset of symptoms for safe, FAST results. Repeat as needed.



pms remedy

PMS in all its glory (!) can include premenstrual symptoms such as discomfort, tender breasts, bloating, and mood changes. Recall that every woman is different in the way she experiences her cycle. Cyclease PMS safely alleviates water retention and bloating. Ease your menstrual back pain, and dull that general poofiness, too. Take at the onset if you want FAST results and dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue morning and evening until symptoms are relieved. This natural remedy addresses PMT (premenstrual tension), too, so you don’t feel so irritable.


Tips for Pleasant Periods


  • Exercise and stretch to loosen muscles and ease pain
  • Rub your lower abdomen to relax muscles
  • Take a warm bath or use a heating pad
  • Take Cyclease Tablets


Natural Vaginal Infection Suppositories


To complete our discussion of natural treatments of women’s issues, let’s finish up with a real favorite: yeast infections! Most women experience at least one of these sometime in their lives. Vaginal infections, also known as candidiasis, are a common female condition that includes symptoms such as itching, rash, yeastawayswelling, burning, and irritation… all that fun stuff. Boiron’s Yeastaway Vaginal Suppositories are an all-natural homeopathic medicine that is safe and easy to use. No interactions with latex or diaphragms. The applicator is included.





Okay, Wonder Woman! March onward armed and ready with natural remedies for women’s health!




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