Slurp It Up – Liquid Omega 3

We all know that supplements are a great way to get important nutrients essential to health. However, many people find swallowing pills difficult, while others grow tired of taking multiple soft gels day after day. Luckily for those who suffer from such “pill fatigue,” Nordic Naturals offers convenient, and downright delicious liquid alternatives to omega-3 soft gels. Their pure and fresh liquid fish oil formulas, including Arctic Cod Liver Oil, Omega-3, and liquid Omega 3D, deliver a healthy amount of important omega-3 nutrients in every tasty spoonful. Omega 3, in the tasty liquid form, is just for you!


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Nordic Naturals began with a simple goal: to give everyone the nutrients they need to live a healthy life. Since 1995, they’ve led the omega-3 fish oil industry by pioneering manufacturing methods to produce exceptionally fresh, pure, and great-tasting omega-3 oils. Today, they continue their commitment to optimal health with a growing selection of expertly formulated omega-3s and key nutrients in their most effective forms to support health across the entire body.


Fish Oil You Can Drizzle

Choose from these delicious options. Drizzle them on your salad, on your soup, in your smoothie or right off the spoon.

    • Arctic Cod Liver Oil – Support a healthy heart, brain health, immunity, and nervous system. Choose multiple award-winning, Norwegian wild-caught cod liver oil. Get Lemon, Strawberry, or Orange flavor. Moreover, cod fish oil is available with or without added Vitamin D. This is not your grandmother’s cod liver oil! Watch the movie.
    • Liquid Omega 3 – Get another multiple award winner omega 3 in lemon. Made from 100% wild-caught sardines and anchovies.
    • Liquid Ultimate Omega 3 – 2840 mg total omega-3s for a more intensive dosage point. There are countless awards on this supplement, too.
    • Liquid Omega 3D – Find support for bones, cognition, and immunity. Provides 1560 mg total omega-3s; 1000 IU Vitamin D3 per teaspoon with a fresh lemon taste. Get the combo of vitamin D with your omegas.


Fresh, Clean and Burp-Free

Sustainably sourced, impeccably fresh, and carefully purified fish make the products great. Their quality control begins in the ocean with their careful choice of sustainable fish species that are naturally low in toxins and high in omega-3 fats. The cleanest waters in the world bring forth these clean fish. Thankfully, endangered fish are never used. To protect against oxidation that can cause fishy smell and taste, the product line utilizes an oxygen-free, nitrogen-rich processing environment so that all of our omega-3 formulas are clean and fresh. The result? Happily, you get no fishy burps or aftertaste. Thanks to meticulously controlled molecular distillation, all fish oils are gently purified of heavy metals and other potentially harmful contaminants often found in fish.

Importantly, all Nordic Naturals omega-3 fish oils, including the liquids, are delivered in the triglyceride molecular form. This is the same form that omega-3s are naturally found in real fish. The benefits are superior absorption and effectiveness. Triglyceride-form fish oils require more manufacturing steps and take longer to produce, but for us, there’s no other way. Because when your goal is a healthy world, every detail matters. Now go get your spoon.

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