Strong Bones, Strong Body

Your skeleton is the scaffolding for your whole body. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments all attach to your bones. That’s why a healthy skeleton is strong; strong enough that a human femur (thigh bone) can support up to 30 times your body weight. Supplemental calcium from the ocean’s algae supplies needed nutrients for stronger bones. This high-quality supplement helps ensure that femurs and all the rest withstand the stresses of living.

But what happens when the skeleton isn’t strong? Adults start to lose bone mass and density as they age, especially post-menopausal women. The body begins to reabsorb calcium and other minerals from the bones, leading to a more fragile skeleton.

This is especially true for those suffering from osteoporosis, which further accelerates this loss. Low bone density leads to brittle bones, which are at risk of breakage from even minor falls or impacts.

Your risk of osteoporosis or age-related loss of density is largely contingent on genetics and lifestyle. However, if you are concerned about developing bone weakness, or already suffer from it, supplements may help. Reduce the risk of osteoporosis with an award-winning solution. Menopausal women age 50 and older should take note.

bone strength is body strength

Reinforcing Bone Strength Naturally

Our bones are made of protein and minerals. Like any other body part, the cells in our bones are constantly being replaced, as are the minerals that comprise them. Calcium plays a vital role in the continuous process of knitting bones. However, if age or disease is impeding this cycle, our bones won’t receive the replenishment they need and will gradually weaken.

One way to ensure this cycle of replenishment is proceeding as planned is to increase the amount of bone-friendly minerals you consume. In fact, though calcium comes to mind, it’s not the only one. Supplementing your body with calcium and other raw materials reinforces your skeletal structure. Certainly, these include magnesium, D3, vitamin K2, strontium, and more. Why? Certain nutrients, combined with calcium, help protect arteries as they build the bone matrix.

Bone Strength Take Care tablets from New Chapter are formulated specifically to do just that. Each tablet contains a blend of clinically studied ingredients to help your bones stay strong and sturdy. Calcium, vanadium, magnesium, strontium, and silica are all naturally derived from algal sources. They are then fermented in probiotic media. The resulting ferment media is included in the tablet to promote bioavailability and absorption, as well as gut health. The tablets also contain vitamins D3, K1, and K2, which have been shown to promote increased bone metabolism.

Support your body’s most vital structure – ensure your bones are receiving the nutrition they need! Women, and men, both benefit from quality calcium magnesium tablets. In fact, the slim tabs are really small, and sleek, and go down easy. No gagging on these!

Choose organic, vegetarian, verified NonGMO, and certified gluten-free calcium tablets for daily use.


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