Support Your Immunity Naturally

Now, more than ever, our immune systems need extra attention and care. There are many actions you can take to provide strong support for the body’s natural defense systems. Since flu and cold season is quickly approaching, it is time to put immune system support into overdrive. Herbal remedies, such as oregano oil and echinacea should be on your radar. Here’s how to support your immune system naturally.

Actions that can be done regularly and have many benefits beyond an immunity boost include:

    • getting enough sleep each night
    • eating more whole plant foods and healthy fats
    • taking a probiotic or consuming fermented food or drink
    • exercising
    • staying hydrated
    • managing stress levels
    • taking a variety of fast-acting antioxidants and herbs such as oregano oil, echinacea, and lomatium


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Oil of Oregano

Tickle in your throat? Oregano oil is best taken at the first sign of trouble. Used since ancient times, oregano oil works by boosting levels of white blood cells, supporting healthy inflammatory responses, promoting healthy bacterial balance, and providing antioxidant support throughout the body. Specific to the immune system, oregano is particularly effective in supporting the upper respiratory tract.

All-in-One Immune Support

  • Echinacea, the beautiful purple/pink flower we’re all likely familiar with, supports a healthy immune system at the onset of illness and provides powerful upper respiratory support.
  • Lomatium, most well known for its properties to support healthy bronchial passages. Widely used by Native Americans and herbalists, its aromatic resins help expel mucus from the lungs, cleanse the lungs and promote bronchial health.
  • Astragalus has more than a 1,000-year history of use in China. It not only possesses similar immune-supporting properties to echinacea but also helps renew energy and vitality during and after the immune system has been stressed. Scientific evidence suggests astragalus may be one of the most important herbs for strengthening the immune system.
  • Reishi mushroom is number one on the list of “superior” herbs in ancient Chinese texts. “Superior” herbs support youth and longevity and can be taken daily with no side effects. Modern herbalists classify reishi as an adaptogen that helps strengthen and invigorate during times of stress.

Want to get the power of all these amazing herbs in one fell swoop? Try Natural Factors Anti-V formula. A full-spectrum fresh herb extract containing standardized, effective extracts of echinacea with precise amounts of lomatium, astragalus, and reishi, and for optimized immune support. This clinically supported supplement can be taken long-term for ongoing support, but if you feel your immune system weakening, suggested usage can be upped for a fast and strong immune response. 


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