Time to Drain Your Lymphatic Swamp?

How are you feeling these days? Do you wake up stiff and exhausted, no matter how much you sleep? Is your skin dry and itchy? Do you often find yourself with a sore throat, cold or ear infection? Do you feel bloated?

If you do, your lymphatic system may be on overload. Here’s how.

Our body’s lymphatic system is an intricate superhighway of vessels, ducts, nodes and organs that work together to remove waste from our cells. This amazing filtration system relies on our muscles to distribute cleansing lymph fluid throughout our bodies. Lymph fluid can also carry toxins and pathogens we ingest to our lymph nodes. White blood cells in our lymph nodes filter and destroy those unwanted invaders.

When our lymphatic system is functioning efficiently, our immune system works at peak performance and we stay healthy. However, if our lymphatic system is compromised due to environmental stress or disease, our lymph vessels become congested. Toxins build up, our immunity suffers and we become more prone to illness.


Cleanse Holistically

Lymphatonic™ from Herbs, Etc. is a holistic blend of natural herbs that cleanse the lymphatic system by removing cellular waste from congested areas, including uterine, ovarian or breast tissue, and restoring healthy tissue function.

lymph node drainage


Lymphatonic includes these natural herbs:

  • Echinacea Angustifolia Root

Stimulates white blood cells in lymph nodes to ingest toxins.

  • Red Root

Activates the lymph vessels to help move fluids throughout the lymphatic system.

  • Ocotillo Stem Bark

Helps to stimulate lymphatic flow for the entire abdominal area.

  • drain lymph nodesBurdock Root

Helps to remove waste products by activating the lymphatic system.

  • Licorice Root

Helps our bodies to absorb ingredients in the formulation.

  • Dandelion and Yellow Dock Root

Help to get rid of waste products.

  • Wild Indigo and Blue Flag Root

Help the liver to get rid of waste products.

  • Stillingia Root

Drains the lymphatic system.

Get herbal lymph support in softgel capsules or liquid extract drops.


Cellular Restoration

Cellular damage, unlike damage to your lymphatic system, is more evasive.

essiac tonic softgelsEvery day, our cellular DNA – the instruction manual for life – is exposed to damaging toxins and pollutants. During normal cell division, damaged DNA is either repaired or if repair is not possible, the body removes the cells in a process called apoptosis. If an unhealthy cell is allowed to divide uncontrollably, however, disease can set in.

You don’t feel cellular damage and don’t know it has occurred until disease symptoms appear.


Rejuvenate Naturally

Is it possible to restore challenged cells to health and boost immunity? Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, thought so and set out to prove it.

During the 1920s, Caisse cared for an English woman whose breast health challenges had been healed by an herbal remedy from an Ojibwa medicine man. Caisse obtained the original herbal formula, studied its effectiveness and named it “essiac” (her last name spelled backwards). She felt so passionately about its benefits, she offered it to people at her clinic free of charge.


Original Four Herbs

essiac remedyToday, Essiac Tonic from Herbs, Etc., uses the original ingredients to support these vital functions:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Restores challenged cells to health
  • Cleanses and supports the liver and blood
  • Promotes DNA repair and damaged cell removal.

Here’s what they do:

Burdock Root: Eliminates waste products via the sweat glands and supports healthy liver, kidney and bladder function.

Sheep Sorrel Herb: Helps the cells function efficiently and helps regulate sugar levels.

Slippery Elm Inner Bark: Heals the mucous membranes of the entire digestive system.

Chinese (Or Turkish) Rhubarb Root: Supports DNA repair and damaged cell elimination and helps to balance intestinal function.

Essiac Tonic is available as liquid drops or a fast-acting softgel capsule. Make essiac tea with it or drop it straight on the tongue. Essiac Tonic herbal ingredients follow what nurse Rene Caisse recommended in her practice.


About Herbs, Etc.

Herbs, Etc. takes great care in choosing fresh and dried herbs and roots only from family-owned organic farms. In addition to creating many of their own formulations, Herbs, Etc.’s herbal remedies are produced in their own certified organic manufacturing facility in New Mexico.


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A holistic blend of ten natural herbs cleanse the lymphatic system by removing cellular waste and restoring healthy tissue function. Natural herbs also restore challenged cells back to health and promote DNA repair.
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