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A web is creeping up your legs. From the ankle to calves, to knees and thighs, prominent ugly veins are ruining your day. Perhaps you see them on your neck and face, too. More than 40% have a vein problem from spider to varicose. Women are more likely to be affected than men, or on the other hand, maybe gals are just more conscious about their looks. Good health warrants you keep an eye on healthy circulation and reduce inflammation wherever you can. Consider the following tips for keeping those lumpy, bumpy spider veins calm. The last thing you need is angry, inflamed leg veins ruining your appearance, and worse, your health.

Did you know that legs talk? Your legs will speak to you when all is not well. Numbness, swelling, tingling are enough to give you cold feet. Add to that muscle cramps, a feeling of heaviness, itching and weakness — and you could wind up with varicose veins. Don’t ignore the messages. Listen to your legs. They know leg vein health is all about blood circulation.

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What are some ways to improve your leg veins?

  • Eat spicy foods – Let the power of jalapeño, blazing hot chili, and firey ginger give your blood something to boil about.
  • Change your position often – Don’t wait for your legs to go numb when you cross them. Change positions. In fact, it’s a good idea to stop crossing them completely.
  • Compression socks – Squeeze those feet and ankles with special stockings to keep that blood flow moving back around to your heart.
  • Exercise – Do yoga, jog, dance or just walk to improve cardiovascular function.
  • Avoid processed foods – Processed food tends to be higher in sodium which makes you retain fluids. Instead, eat beans, nuts, fish, potatoes and other potassium-rich, natural food.
  • Elevate your feet – Relax! Put your feet up. Use an ottoman or accommodating passing canine. Just do it.
  • Massage with oils – Use lavender, ginger or eucalyptus oils in a host oil and gently massage the area.
  • Supplement – Take a natural flavonoid remedy designed for leg veins such as sweet orange peel.
  • Stay young – Aging is a factor in the decline of your veins. Stay young if you can!


Diosmin for Stretchy Leg Veins

The natural dietary supplement, Youthful Legs, helps maintain tone and elasticity of leg veins. This is the sweet orange peel extract product you need to inhibit inflammatory factors associated with vascular health and promote stretchy, flexible veins. Comfortable limbs, just kicking with health, boast a unique compound called diosmin in a dietary supplement. This flavonoid ingredient is as familiar as family in Europe where it’s been used for three decades. Similarly, diosmin has been studied for hemorrhoids use and restless leg syndrome.

Tiny, micronized diosmin promotes venous circulation and has a double-blind, placebo-controlled study backing it up. Sweet orange peel extract, diosmin, helps to maintain the tone and elasticity of your leg veins. Simply speaking, in the study it took only two weeks to show improvement. Youthful Legs provides nutritional support for beautiful and comfortable leg veins and your legs are going to love it. After all, it’s still sandal weather!


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