Ultra Purified Water

penta waterPenta Water: Ultra-Purified

For the highest quality, clean, ultra-purified water

on the market, look no further than Penta Ultra-Purified Water at Martindale’s. Have you ever wondered, “Is bottled water safe”? This fabulous water has no chemical additives yet provides increased hydration and antioxidants for a cleaner than clean water. Penta water is 100 times more pure than leading national brands. It is energized water providing the superior hydration that other waters only dream of in a convenient bottle. Get Penta Ultra Purified Water at great prices here.


Penta Bottled Water has a surprisingly light, clean taste

that refreshes the body and quenches deep thirst. There is no thick, oily, mineral slick on the tongue. You can easily drink a lot of this stuff. This bottled water tastes really good! It is not smelly and has no bad aftertaste.


Purest hydrating bottled water without pharmaceuticals

In the summer heat, or after a workout, we need to drink the best-filtered water we can get. We all know that coffee, tea, and soda can leach fluids from the body which is contrary to our goal of staying hydrated for good health. But did you know that bottled water quality can vary significantly depending on the purification processes used? Does your current drinking water have trace pharmaceuticals in it? How would you like to ingest trace pharmaceuticals from other people’s prescriptions which contaminate the general water supply all the time? Drink the cleanest water: Penta.


Purest Bottled Water

Penta water uses a patented purification process based on physics using UV light, micron filtration, and reverse osmosis. Penta is deionized, ozonized, and further purified. Please notice that its purity is achieved without the use of chemicals and even more chemicals. NO CHEMICALS! There are no additives and Penta is a totally natural product. This is the purest water you can get.


Penta water is free from:

  • chlorine – used to bleach and disinfect
  • trace pharmaceuticals – drugs flushed into sewer systems
  • arsenic – used in pesticides, herbicides, & insecticides
  • MTBE – flammable liquid used in unleaded gas to make fuel burn easier
  • chromium 6 – hexavalent chromium used to produce stainless steel, textile dyes, & as anti-corrosive
  • fluoride – groundwater fluorides can be toxic
  • bisphenol A – used in making plastics



Staying hydrated cannot be over stressed. High-quality water can make you feel so good! It can help your skin feel great and even appear younger looking. As we age our cell membranes grow thicker and water hydration becomes harder to achieve. Penta water is the answer. Fluoride-free, reverse osmosis water is the one to drink.


Natural pH and Source

Penta doesn’t use any chemicals to alter the pH. It is naturally occurring and can range from 7 – 8. Additionally, Penta’s entire purification, bottling and packaging process is completed in one location using 100% solar power. Their bottler, United Beverage, sources the water from a local, natural underground aquifer located in San Bernardino. The water in this aquifer percolates as rain and snow from the tops of the San Bernardino Mountains— a range reaching the tallest peak in all of Southern California and surrounded by wilderness receiving significantly more precipitation than near-by desert terrain allowing it to sustain some of the greatest biodiversity in the state. Layers of solid rock and clay provide an impervious protective cover for the aquifer’s water. The water remains underground until it is brought to the surface for use. This practice ensures that the natural quality of the water is maintained, and since it is localized, UB’s source water is not exposed to possible contamination from transportation and storage that can expose water to a greater variety of man-made contaminants.


Where can you purchase Penta water at a great price?

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  • Case of 12:  1-liter bottles  – $25.99



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