Unbeatable Local Beets in Technicolor


Red and Gold Beets in a Row


Behold the beet. That crunchy, curious cruciferous-like bulbous root that we either love or loathe. If you are a beet lover, we’ve got the beets just for you. They’re not only organic and local, but they also in full beautiful Technicolor: gorgeous gold, ruby red, and later this summer, Chioggia beet’s pink and white stripes. Yipes!

The beauty of beets is much more than skin deep. Betalain, the phytonutrient that gives beets their striking colors, is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Additionally, beets are low in calories, but still strike a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals. From vitamins C and B6 to folate, magnesium, potassium, and iron, beets are no slouches when it comes to nutrition.

Studies abound that promote the many health benefits of beets. For example, the beet pigment, betanin, can help to slow the progress of Alzheimer’s. Moreover, beets can help to lower blood pressure by 4 – 10 mmHg in just a few hours. Beets also contain inorganic nitrates, known to improve athletic performance. What’s more, the fiber in beets is a natural digestive aid that may also help you lose weight.


Red, Gold and Chioggia Beets

Not sure which beet to choose? You can’t go wrong with any of them, but here’s a bit more about each if you want to help you.

Red Beets: With a ruby red, smooth, bulbous root, red beets have the highest sugar content of any vegetable. Small or medium red beets are more tender than larger beets. Red beets can stain your hands, clothes and countertops when you cut them. Make sure you protect countertops and clothes when working with red beets. Red beets are best when they’re slow-roasted or steamed.

Red Beets: $2.29/pound


Gold Beets: The skin of gold beets is firm, ranging from pale gold to dark, burnt orange. Gold beets have a bright yellow, variegated flesh and a mildly earthy, sweet flavor. They are easier to peel and slice than red beets and are not quite as sweet. Like red beets, gold beets are best when they’re slow-roasted or steamed.

Gold Beets: $2.29/pound


Chioggia Beets: These beets fool you with their dark pink outer skin. But slice them in half and – surprise – you’re treated to a concentrated ring pattern of magenta pink and bone white stripes. Also known as “candy cane beets, Chioggia beets contain the highest amount of geosmin, an organic compound which gives them a deep earthy flavor and aroma. When cooked, their brilliant colors fade to a more subdued hue. Roasting them brings out the most flavor.

Chioggia Beets: $2.49/pound


The best thing about beets? Their versatility and taste! Eat them raw, roast them, pickle them, broil, boil and barbecue them. Whether you choose red, gold or Chioggia beets, any way you slice them, they’re delicious!

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