Vegan Omega 3 Flax – Be Unrefined in the Morning

Shuffle into your morning kitchen in your pajamas and hair all awry in true unrefined bliss. Start your breakfast smoothie with a source of protein, some fiber, some greens, and perhaps some fruit and you’re done, right? Oops! Omega 3s are essential nutrients that can help support healthy inflammation responses and cardio health. You need them, sweetie. Vegan Omega 3, from unrefined, organic flax oil, can balance out your morning breakfast smoothie.

Realistically, it is entirely unlikely to get this important nutrient unless you try – especially if you’re living a plant-based diet.

unrefined fresh organic flax oil cold pressed

Fresh Flax Oil – Source of Vegan Omega 3

Not all good fats taste good in your smoothie. Honestly, wouldn’t you rather forego a fishy tasting smoothie? That’s why pure, unrefined organic flax oil is an ideal choice for healthy fats. It tastes good – actually, kind of nutty.

Years ago, the pioneering father/son team at Barlean’s figured out a way to use cold-press technology to extract rich oils from the tiny flaxseeds. Heat can make flax oil taste rancid. Count on fresh, cold-pressed Flax Oil and Lignan Flax Oil in liquid form to complement your recipes without a nasty aftertaste. Squirt one tablespoon into your smoothie each day. Gluten-free, and grown in North America.

Promise you’ll never turn up the heat on your precious flax oil on the stovetop or in the slow cooker. Each drop is liquid gold to adorn cold and temperature-neutral recipes.



Inflammation Tip

Do you rely on commonly available turmeric root powder in your smoothie for inflammation support? Make your turmeric powder far, far more useful by combining it with flax oil! To be clear, flax oil awakens healthy compounds in the powder. This is because turmeric powder is fat-soluble. Don’t waste it! Clearly, you’ll experience more benefits if you combine the two.

Plant-based Omega 3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid (called ALA or LNA), converts to further Omegas such as EPA and DHA in your body. ALA Omega is recommended for a vegan or plant-based diet. One tablespoon flax oil provides 7230 mg ALA for a highly concentrated, reliable source. Reduce your consumption of less desirable dietary Omega 6 to enhance the conversion of the 3rd Omega. Omega 3 has been studied for beneficial effects on inflammation response.

Choose a top-rated healthy fat and award-winner. Be shamelessly unrefined – with unrefined, organic flax oil!


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