Vegan Wellness Options – Vitamin D and Elderberry

What is the best way to address your wellness nutritional needs during a pandemic while keeping upbeat thoughts all day? Here’s an idea that will help keep you sane and healthy. Garden of Life brings you vegan vitamin D3 and elderberry syrup that are both organic and tasty. Now you can find organic elderberry gummies, too.

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Organic Vitamin D

An exclusive 100% vegan vitamin D3, as cholecalciferol, is available in a whole food, yummy vanilla D3 spray or in a raspberry lemon D3 chewable. Happily, the D3 form of vitamin D is the type you want as its produced by the body naturally after sun exposure.

A proprietary lichen, registered with both the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society, is the source. This lichen, Vitashine®, offers a potent and active form of vitamin D for the body—naturally, in the way the body produces vitamin D after being exposed to the sun. While common vegan vitamin D supplements are often less-desired vitamin D2, this source material is different. Fortunately, MyKind Organics uses this very ingredient for the best results.

Lichen is a small plant species that live with algae. Proper extraction of the vitamin D-rich oil from lichens is essential, and extraction occurs in a totally light, heat, and moisture-controlled environment, ensuring optimal freshness. Each D3 spray provides 1000 iu per spritz and the chew provides 2000 iu per tablet. Both D3 vegan supplements are also sugar, wheat, gluten and dairy-free. Bonus: they taste great!

Vegans, and vegetarians, may be particularly at high risk for vitamin D deficiency, since some of the best sources of vitamin D—other than sunlight—come from animal products, including oily fish, which are not on the menu for most vegetarians and certainly not for vegans. The whole food D3 supplements have you covered.

The importance of vitamin D for your immune system and radiant health is a basic fact. Vitamin D plays a role in up to 2,000 genes and in every tissue and cell. However, 75 percent of American teens and adults are vitamin D deficient. Happily, there’s now a vitamin D that’s perfect for everyone.



Power up your immune system with organic Elderberry Immune Syrup. Combine black elderberry extract and juice with highly researched herbals like organic echinacea for real wellness impact. Did you know that across Europe and North America, traditional herbal remedies used these two featured herbs? Now you can take them with confidence in their purity.

Elderberry’s effects are enhanced with concentrated echinacea combined with organic Amla berry. Amla is treasured for its vitamin C content. Organic rosemary extract and guava sourced zinc help make this a delicious sugar-free syrup the family will love. Additionally, check out our tasty, organic Elderberry Immune Gummy at a great price.

Look for the USDA Certified Organic seal and NonGMO Project verification. This means your immune system will not have to contend with toxic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Gluten-free and vegan and no added sugar!



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