Vitamin B12: One Surprising Benefit

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that we all need – but do not produce. You may recognize Vitamin B12 as the “energy vitamin” that supports mental acuity and physical vitality. This water-soluble vitamin is vital to your health, enabling you to:

  • Form red blood cells
  • Protect nerve and brain cell function
  • Make DNA, the genetic material in all cells

As important as Vitamin B12 is for your energy levels, paradoxically, it also plays a role in your ability to fall and stay asleep!

How could that be?

Read on to learn about the link between Vitamin B12 and melatonin.

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The Vitamin B12 – Melatonin Connection

Studies show that Vitamin B12 causes your body to release melatonin earlier at night to reset your Circadian Rhythm cycle, your 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. Vitamin B12 works directly on the pineal gland, which in turn, releases melatonin at a faster rate. Subsequently, your body is more sensitized to morning light, which helps you to wake up more easily.

Of course, you have to make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin B12. Excellent food sources of this essential vitamin include beef liver, clams, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products and some breakfast cereals fortified with B12.

Signs of B12 Deficiency

However, diet alone may not supply everyone with sufficient Vitamin B12. For example, vegans, those on vegetarian diets and elderly adults with GI disorders may be low in B12. Also, people who have had gastrointestinal surgery such as a weight loss surgery and those with celiac or Crohn’s disease may be at heightened risk for B12 deficiency. Some indications of B12 deficiency may include anemia, mental fog, neurological disorders, anxiety and depression.

The National Institutes of Health recommends that anyone over 50 or at risk for a B12 deficiency should eat foods with B12 and take B12 supplements. The form of Vitamin B12 you take, however, may affect its effectiveness, especially in severe cases of vitamin B12 deficiency.


Methylcobalamin: Active, Absorbable

Solgar’s Methylcobalamin Sublingual supplements are “body-ready” offered in a convenient nugget form. This methylated form of B12 is already in its most bioavailable form, ready for your body to absorb it. While your body can absorb the cobalamin form of B12, it must first convert it to methylcobalamin to become metabolically active. In addition, the sublingual (literally “under the tongue”) nuggets are not only convenient to take, they’re also rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream through tiny blood vessels under your tongue.

Choose 1000 mcg or 5000 mcg sublingual nuggets.

Liquid B-12 with B-Complex

Solgar also offers Sublingual Liquid B-12 with B-Complex. This 2000 mcg formula is easy-to-swallow and you can add it to juice or smoothies. It provides 2000 mcg of vitamin B-12 (as cyanocobalamin) per serving along with other synergistic vitamins and nutrients.

Free of gluten, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Suitable for vegans.


Melatonin for a Good Night’s Sleep

What kind of sleeper are you? If you can fall right to sleep as your head hits the pillow, congratulations! However, if you are among the estimated 50 – 70 million Americans who have trouble sleeping, you know how frustrating that can be and how much it can disrupt your daily life.

Your body naturally produces melatonin. This hormone helps to regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle, helped along by darkness. Studies show that melatonin increases sleep duration and decreases the time it takes people to fall asleep.

Melatonin Nuggets and Liquid

Solgar Melatonin works with your natural sleep cycle to give you the tranquil sleep you need so you can face each day refreshed and rested. Solgar offers three different dosages in convenient nuggets: 3 mg and 5 mg if you’re experiencing occasional sleeplessness or have jet lag and 10 mg if you need a higher level of sleep support.

Liquid Melatonin is also available in a Natural Black Cherry flavor in a 10 mg dose.

Free of gluten, wheat and dairy. Suitable for vegetarians.


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