Welcome to Organic Produce at Martindale’s

organic potatoes for saleAll Organic Produce

Our produce department offers a truly unique shopping experience to our customers. We pledge that 100% of the produce we sell is organically grown. You can shop comfortably for produce at Martindale’s without having to worry whether or not that apple or orange was grown organically. Our produce is pesticide-free and grown naturally. Carrying exclusively organic fruits and vegetables allows for simpler shopping while emphasizing our commitment to sustainability. We believe that selling organic produce is better for our own health and the health of the environment.


Fresh Local Produce

Speaking of sustainability we make it our priority to offer as much local, organically grown produce as possible.  We are continuously developing relationships with local farmers so we can offer our customers the freshest produce around. The local produce we offer is picked at the peak of its ripeness and takes a short trip to our store to ensure optimal nutrition.


Local Farmers

Some of the local farmers with whom we work are:

  • E Fudd & Sons (West Chester, PA)
  • Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (Leola, PA)
  • Paradise Organics (Paradise, PA).


There is no shortage of variety in our produce area. We are always willing to offer a new or exotic fruit or vegetable because we believe eating and shopping healthy should be exciting! So always be sure to check out what’s new and in-season in the produce department.


Seasonal Produce

Look for seasonal goodies like local greens, local cauliflower, and fall apples!