Wellness Super Blends to Drink Day and Night

What are you drinking? It has been said “let food be your medicine”. Certainly, that applies to beverages as well. In fact, when you take the most nutritious plants and superfoods and concentrate them down into a powder, it becomes an elixir of the gods. Antioxidants, polyphenols, and adaptogens of all types fill your goblet. A healthy summer cooler on ice or evening mocktail, containing Wellness Super Blend or Beauty Blend drink, mixes with water and has no added sugar. Protein shakes with super greens complete your life-giving beverage list.

organic beauty drink mix day and night to restore

Wellness Super Blends: Immunity and Stress Less

While all our Sunfood drink mixes contribute to good health, this one particularly targets immunity. An organic wellness blend brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and mushrooms blends with cold water to drink immediately. The powdered formula contains superfoods rich in vitamin C and D. Natural ingredients include goji berry, pomegranate juice, pineapple, lemon, camu camu, Acerola cherry and sustaining mushrooms all in a powder form.

Add ice after blending and sit by the pool and lollygag. Delicious fruity healthfulness goes down easy without added sugar. Stevia sweetened.

Relaxing Matcha Green Tea Blend

To stress less, a daily calming blend of the adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha, combines with hot water and superfoods. The organic food blend includes lemon, matcha, pineapple, turmeric, ginger, lemon balm and more. The matcha green tea will help energize without revving you up. As for your gut – leave it to ginger to calm your stomach when stressed out. Ashwagandha with lemon balm powder soothe tension and help you relax. Lastly, turmeric is included to support your inflammation response to stress. Stevia sweetened, use less water if you want more intense sweet taste. Waves of well-being are headed your way.superfoods for immune system with vitamin C and D

After thoroughly mixing well in mug or blender of warm water, it’s time to add plenty of ice for a summer cooler. Drink your relaxing tea blend warm or cold.


Green Protein Powder

Mix up this organic and plant-based protein powder with almond milk or other neutral base. Greens and protein combine for a 1-2 punch. Drink before or after a workout to feed your muscles the 23 grams of protein in one serving. The protein blend includes pea protein hemp seed protein, almond and pumpkin seed protein.

Mixed right into the product are a healthy load of powdered greens: chlorella, wheat grass, nettle leaf, burdock root, alfalfa, broccoli, oat grass, and much, much more from land and sea. Nutrient-rich protein shakes are a healthy way to start your day. Blend with banana, fresh local berries, or frozen fruit for a creamy summer breakfast or snack.


Organic Beauty Blend Drinks for Healthy Skin

Mix up a skin super powder! Choose the Night Beauty Blend Restore antioxidant complex made of organic superfoods to restore life to your skin cells. With no added sugar you’ll get pineapple, goji berry, mango, maqui berry, camu camu, kale and lemon – all dehydrated naturally preserving the nutrients. While you’re busy sleeping each night, your skin is recovering from the oxidative stress of the day due to sun, pollution, and more. Give your dermis antioxidants in a tasty drink mix.

Day Beauty Blend Glow delivers hydration to the cells for a plump and supple appearance. Bamboo silica and tremella mushroom help lock in moisture. This adds up to a mineral complex supporting your skin’s natural glow from superfoods. The organic coconut water powder blend has no added sugar and tastes great.


Address your summer skin, stress less with matcha tea mix, and support immunity with the organic Sunfood superfood mix of your choice. Your wellness and healthy skin may depend on them. Get them all!


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