Local News: Wild Creek Bee Farm

wild creek bee farm website logoChristopher Maxwell owner of Wild Creek Bee Farm, Inc. developed an interest in bees when only four years old. He started collecting bees and putting them in wood block houses that he made for them much to his mother’s displeasure. His interest lay dormant during his school years and throughout the birth and growth of his previous business. As his business grew he rekindled his interest in the bees and their struggle for survival. He became a hobby beekeeper for a number of years and an avid reader of bee books and journals.


He had the opportunity to change careers and became a full time beekeeper putting into practice what he learned by reading and to experience the intricacies of current beekeeping. Now as an experienced beekeeper he sells honey, beeswax based lotions, lotion bars, lip balms, candles, and is licensed to sell both queen bees and nucleus colonies. All beeswax-based products are paraben and formaldehyde free and are as natural as they can be made.


This “chemical free as possible” philosophy also applies to the selection of off-site locations for the beehives. The only commercial pollination with his bees is on no spray organic farms. Other hive locations are chosen to be as far away as possible from agricultural crops that are sprayed. These locations reduce the stress that the agricultural chemicals normally cause the bees, and insure there is as little as possible chemicals in our honey.


Chris is also extremely concerned about the plight of the bees. Nationwide, forty-two per cent of the bees were lost for various reasons. This yearly loss is not sustainable and is extremely serious as one-third of our food supply is dependent on pollination by the bees. One of his priorities is educating the public about the bees, their impact on our food and the economy, their struggle to survive, and what needs to be done starting at the federal level on down to the level of the individual to help all pollinators.


Wild Creek Bee Farm logoPA preferred


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  • Buckwheat Honey
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  • Blueberry Honey
  • Golden Rod Honey
  • Clover Honey
  • blocks of beeswax in 2 oz or 1 lb