With Weight Loss, Some Things Don’t Change

When it comes to weight loss, some things never change. You may think, “What?! It seems there’s new advice every couple of months!” Well, you’re not wrong; dietary bogeymen do come and go. First, it was “don’t eat fat,” then it became “healthy fats are good for you!” And so on. Yet it’s true – some things never change and remain constant. Here’s why safe and effective weight loss products like PGX, Apple Cider Vinegar, and CLA are always useful.

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Fiber and Blood Sugar

One of those constants is the importance of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels already within normal range. The best way to smooth out the ups and downs of the blood sugar roller coaster (no surprise here) is not to get on it in the first place! The key to staying off that roller coaster? Putting fewer fast-burning carbohydrates in our mouths and substituting denser, more fiber-rich foods and proteins that burn slower and take longer to leave the bloodstream. In a word, we want more fiber.

When we eat meals that include fiber – fresh produce such as legumes, greens, vegetables, or fruits – they keep our digestive systems busier longer. This allows our blood sugar levels to flatten out for sustained energy. Best of all, when we succeed in stabilizing our blood sugar levels, it becomes easier to address any bad habits we may have with regard to cravings, snacking, eating late, or filling up with liquid calories.


Backed By Science

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we need help incorporating more fiber into our diet. An easy way? PGX®! The product is composed of three highly-purified, water-soluble polysaccharides: konjac root powder, sodium alginate, and xanthan gum. Konjac is high in a type of dietary fiber called glucomannan. PGX, or PolyGlycopleX®, is a novel complex of all three natural plant fibers with a higher viscosity than any other known fibers. The sum is far viscous than any one fiber.

It reduces appetite and promotes a feeling of fullness. Unlike other supplements that promise “a magical change in metabolism,” “fat that melts away,” or “weight loss without any effort required,” PGX is backed by published, double-blind research that demonstrates its effectiveness to help you feel full longer and hungry less often. In other words, food cravings such as sugar cravings and carb cravings wield less power over your life because your blood sugar level gets natural support.


Choose Your Format

  • Softgels –

PGX® Daily Ultra Matrix softgels are easy to swallow and great for anyone who eats on the run.

  • Unflavored Granules –

Unflavored, unsweetened PGX granules mix easily in liquids or sprinkled on food without altering their taste! Granules are available in two different products. SlimStyles® 100% Pure PGX® comes in a tub, along with a small scoop.

  • Single Serve –

PGX® Daily Singles are the granules mentioned above in convenient single-serving packets. These are perfect for Bliss Energy Balls.


More Weight Loss Supplements

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (Tonalin® CLA) are other time-proven and clinically supported natural health ingredients that contribute to healthy weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar capsules work by supporting healthy blood sugar levels and promoting healthy blood sugar sensitivity. A dose of two capsules provides 1000 mg.

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid that may help enhance metabolic activity, support fat loss, and increase muscle mass. While you can get the nutrient from grassfed dairy and beef, the supplement is extracted from sustainably sourced safflower oil. It can help block the enzymes that cells use to absorb unused fat.

All three weight loss supplements are Non-GMO and tested by ISURA for purity. Choose one for your dieting program in addition to eating right and getting enough exercise.


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