Women’s Omega-6 GLA Blend and Probiotics

From the top of mind to the soles of our feet, women’s health includes the whole person. Women’s omega supplements and women’s probiotics are areas that could be better understood.

Many women hesitate to make supplements part of their daily routine because they aren’t sure which ones they truly need, or how they help. The truth is most of us cannot escape eating processed foods and having a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Almost everyone—men and women—could benefit from supplementing with certain key nutrients like essential fatty acids: omega-3 EPA and DHA, and omega-6 GLA. Some of their benefits, like whole-body cellular support, are universal, while others appeal especially to women.


Omega-6 GLA Omega Blend – Featuring Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)

Many women like omega-6 GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) because it is uniquely beneficial for the health of the skin. Research finds these GLA benefits:

  • supports the barrier function of the skin
  • promotes skin hydration
  • may even improve the appearance of the skin
  • supports a woman’s unique hormonal needs

Most people get plenty of other omega-6 fats by consuming a diet that includes vegetable oils and egg yolks. However, they don’t typically get enough GLA (or omega-3s, for that matter). Thus the need for an omega blend.

EPO soft gels and probiotics for women with d-mannose


Physiologically, GLA acts more like an omega-3 than the omega-6 that it is. It is used by the body to make hormone-like substances thought to be involved in many processes. This includes the regulation of the immune system. What’s more, research shows that combining GLA with omega-3 EPA and DHA amplifies the benefits. On their own, omega-3s EPA and DHA are known to benefit joint health. This is thanks to their ability to help resolve inflammation after exercise. GLA is similarly beneficial, affecting some of the same cellular signaling pathways as the omega-3s.

So, for active women, and for women who simply care to maintain good mobility, a supplemental combination of EPA, DHA, and GLA is a good idea. Omega Woman with Evening Primrose Oil omega supplement reflects this research and provides an omega blend in optimal amounts. Hormonal balance and healthy skin are goals women can wrap themselves around at any age. The formula’s standing as a Best of Natural Beauty Award Winner can’t hurt.


Probiotics for Women Featuring D-Mannose

Alongside essential fatty acids, the right kind of probiotics can offer women good general health support, and female-focused benefits too. Beneficial microbes naturally form mini-ecosystems in the human intestinal and vaginal tracts. The friendly microbes are vital for carrying out basic digestive, immune, and vaginal-protective functions.

Unfortunately, common factors such as stress, aging, diet, environmental toxins, and antibiotic usage can lead to the loss of microbial abundance and diversity. When this happens, supplemental probiotics can help the body recolonize itself. The right microbes support digestive and immune functions and promote general reproductive system activities and health.

Choose a supplement with 7 probiotic strains (15 billion CFU), prebiotics, and D-mannose to help balance vaginal flora and support urinary tract health. The capsules contain 400 mg D-Mannose, 10 mg Prebiotic FOS and 15 billion probiotics altogether.


For high-quality, women’s supplements try Nordic Naturals Omega Woman® and Nordic Flora Probiotic Woman. Each includes research-backed ingredients in forms the body can readily use and are manufactured to the highest standards of purity and quality.


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