Your Immune System Supports You All Year, Treat it in Kind 

We come across more than 80,000 chemicals and other toxic substances on a daily basis –the main ones being antibiotics (including glyphosate), pesticides, aspirin and contaminated tap water. All the while, your immune system is working to protect you, 24/7/365. Your gut lining tries to hold the line but is it enough without gut support?

The problem is that this constant immune response creates chronic inflammation. And inflammation is responsible for, well, too many ailments to name. From eczema to IBS, fatigue to arthritis.

While eating healthy and exercising regularly gives your immune system the tools it needs to repair in a natural environment, we live in an increasingly unnatural environment. The integrity of your first line of defense (your gut) is being consistently weakened by chemicals, like glyphosate. How does this impact immune function?

Glyphosate has been shown to tear apart the tight junctions that bind together your gut lining, which is the primary barrier between you and everything you consume. Keeping this barrier intact and functioning optimally is absolutely essential for supporting immune health. After all, 70% of your immune system’s defensive cells live in your gut/intestines.


How Do We Protect Our Immune System?

Eating organic and avoiding environmental toxins when possible can help keep your gut lining strong, thereby protecting your immune system. But in truth, avoiding all the chemicals all the time is just not feasible in this day and age.

ION* Gut Support has been scientifically proven to strengthen tight junction integrity, even in the face of glyphosate. ION Sinus Support continues your inner lining support on up through your sinuses.

ION sinus support spray and liquid gut support for your inner lining

With an optimally functioning gut lining, toxins cannot readily infiltrate your body. With less toxins to fight off, your immune system gets the break it deserves.

Make your new normal be about supporting foundational health and immune function all year long; protect what protects you.


Mental Health – Top of Mind

At 95, Fran Howard is living, breathing, thriving proof that foundational wellness has no age. As a retired psychotherapist, Fran understands the important link between mental and emotional health to the body’s physical health, and how they all contribute to one another. Daily exercise, positive thinking and naturally supporting her body with ION* create Fran’s well-rounded approach to wellness that’s allowing her to focus on herself and go from a “human doing” to a “human being”.

Learn how ION* helps Fran feel her best, every day.

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