CBD Oil Meet N’ Greet with Larry

Larry with Green Gorilla

Meet Larry

Featuring Larry and our Green Gorilla

Martindale’s welcomes Larry Glanz, a knowledgeable representative from Green Gorilla, the organic CBD oil company in a Meet N’ Greet! Outgoing friendly Larry will be onsite to answer your burning questions about Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD.

Everyone you know has been talking about the health benefits of cannabis CBD, but you’ve been pondering a variety of questions before you’ll try it. This is totally understandable. However, now is your chance to speak with a real, live person and gain the knowledge you need to support your own body.



Questions About CBD hemp and olive cbd oil

  1. What is hemp CBD isolate?
  2. Is CBD legal?
  3. Does CBD oil work?
  4. Balm, drops, or spray… which is best?
  5. Why should CBD oil be organic?
  6. Which dosage is right for me?
  7. How does CBD hemp oil make you feel?
  8. How often should I take CBD?
  9. Where does CBD hemp oil come from?
  10. CBD Extract or isolate – which is better?


Bring Larry questions similar to these and more at this free event. Larry and organic Green Gorilla CBD oil will be looking for you. Find out more!

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