Samples with Garden of Life

Try whole food supplements from Garden of Life! Choose certified USDA organic, raw, vegan, nongmo, and gluten-free dietary supplements. Garden of Life protein smoothies, protein bars, collagen, and vitamins are all options that you might sample at this product demo. This month look for Whole Food Magnesium powder samples.

We’ll offer you a taste of a delicious nutritional protein, greens, or NEW collagen drink that will delight your tongue as it promises to fuel your whole body. We’ll also talk to you about the benefits of Garden of Life supplements and so much more.

Predictably, we’re going to offer you something nutritious and delicious. Come taste! You will love it. You are sure to want more Garden of Life products in your own home.


Garden of Life supplements

Furthermore, we’d like to show you the new whole hemp extract CBD oil, with purity standards you’d expect. True to standards, Garden of Life CBD has no THC at all. Each product has been adorned with organic essential oils to enhance the natural entourage effect found in whole CBD.



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