Get a Natural Thanksgiving Feast

Serve the very best feast to your loved ones this Thanksgiving Day holiday. Order organic, free-range turkey, and shop all the fixin’s that go with it. Find local freshly baked pies and baked goods. Find Thanksgiving vegan options like Tofurky. Also, find great prices right now and throughout the month on favorites like:

  • Arrowhead Mills Organic Stuffing Mix 10 oz ($2.99/ea)
  • Imagine Roasted Turkey Gravy ($2.19/ea)
  • Cadia Organic Jellied Cranberry Sauce 14 oz ($2.99/ea)
  • Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin 15 oz ($2.50/ea)
  • Woodstock Organic Jellied Cranberry Sauce 14 oz ($4.49/ea)


silly turkey

Pre-Order Organic Turkey

Pre-order your clean, organic, free-range turkey for Thanksgiving! Choose a bird from 10-16,16-20 or 18-22 pounds from local Plainville Farms and Koch’s Family Farms and pick it up here. A $10 deposit is required to reserve your bird and quantities are limited. Pickup dates are 11/16 – 11/21, noon. $4.99 per pound. Call or enquire in-store for details.


Pre-Order Pie and Baked Goods

Find freshly baked, local pies and baked goods from Philly’s Wildflour Bakery right here with a pre-order. Order by 4 pm 11/17 for 11/21 pick-up. We’ll have a few pies on hand. You’ll be all ready for Thanksgiving Day and might even skip right to dessert. Choose:

  • Bourbon Pecan Pie, Drunken Apple Pie, or Pumpkin Pie
  • Pumpkin Eclairs
  • Quickbread Loaf (Vegan Apple, Carrot Zucchini Walnut or Pumpkin)
  • Dinner Rolls (Soft White or Honey Wheat Pull-Aparts)
  • Free Form Loaf (Pumpkin Cranberry, Sour Dough or American Grain)
  • Cornbread Muffins (Half Dozen or Dozen)


Shop Vegan Holiday Feast In-Store

We will be stocking holiday favorites that you and your vegan loved ones look for every year.

  • Tofurky Feast 3.5lb $26.99 on sale
  • Tofurky Roast 16oz $12.99 on sale
  • Tofurky Giblet Gravy 14oz $4.99 on sale
  • Field Roast Celebration Roast 16oz $4.99 on sale
  • Quorn (vegetarian) Turk’y Roast 16oz $6.99 on sale


Gluten-Free Pies

Did you think we forgot about you? Ha! Maine Pie Company makes delicious gluten-free pies. Stock up now from the frozen department on Maine Pie Co. pies in three flavors:

  • Pumpkin
  • Pecan
  • Apple Crumbbuy a turkey


Shop local this month and eat your favorites.

Pre-order to get free-range, organic turkey or Wildflour Bakery orders!

Happy Thanksgiving to You!