Hooray for Hemp History Week!


Wondering what Hemp History Week is and why all the fuss about hemp farming?

Hemp History Week 2018 LogoIn its ninth year, Hemp History Week, June 4-10, 2018, is a national grassroots campaign to help restore strong support for industrial hemp farming in the United States. Hemp has been grown in our country since the first European settlers arrived here during the 1600s, and was a vital part of life in our country’s early history. For example:

  • The Declaration of Independence was drafted on paper made of hemp.
  • George Washington, Andrew Jackson and John Adams all grew hemp and advocated for its commercial production.
  • Hemp was such an important staple during the 1800s, towns such as Hempfield and Hempstead were named after the crop.

Unfortunately, hemp underwent two prohibition eras, once during the 1930s when hemp was classified as “marijuana” and made illegal, and again, in 1970, when industrial hemp was classified as marijuana under the Controlled Substance Act.

Between those times, hemp was widely used during WWII. In addition, government-funded agriculture research proved that hemp differed in structure and function from marijuana. Despite this proof, industrial hemp farming remained illegal in most states up until recently.

Although U.S. farmers have not been able to grow hemp, U.S. manufacturers need hemp, and import it from Canada, Europe and China. Meanwhile, U.S. farmers continue to lose millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Hemp Farming: We’re Making Progress

The good news: thanks to grassroots efforts like Hemp History Week, progress is being made. In 2014, Kentucky, Vermont and Colorado became the first states to grow hemp in the U.S. in decades.

Today, hemp farming is legal for cultivation, research or pilot programs in 33 states. Pennsylvania is among the 33 states where hemp research is legal as pilot programs by places of higher education or the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Rodale Institute is one of the Pennsylvania facilities doing research on soil for hemp farming. (See video above.)

(Also see a clickable map of states that have legalized hemp farming.)

However, hemp farming is not fully legal in Pennsylvania yet. Much more work needs to be done.

Hemp History Week at Martindale’s

Martindale’s supports our hemp farmers and offers many products made from hemp. Come to the store and celebrate Hemp History Week June 4 – 10. Check out our cool display of food and bath and beauty items made from hemp! Pick up a free Hemp History post card at one of our cash registers and send it to your legislators.

Take Action Online or Call Your Legislators

The Hemp History week site offers several ways you can take action.

Although more states have passed laws to allow industrial hemp farming, there is so much more work to do. Together, we can help our farmers grow hemp!

Hemp History Week Sponsors

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