Ice Storm Ice Cream

Trickling Springs Ice CreamWho cares if there’s ice and snow in my driveway and on my window ledges? You can eat high quality, local ice cream any time of the year. The cool craftsmen at Trickling Springs Creamery hailing from Chambersburg, Pa are now producing delicious ice cream and it’s available here. Trickling Springs specializes in high quality dairy products and ice cream is one of them.

I tried the chocolate because, for me, there are no other flavors (!) but we also have vanilla. The happy grass-fed cows that helped make the ice cream are thrilled to live on local farms chosen by the creamery. They swoon over their heavenly grassy diet that does not include synthetic hormones, antibiotics or nasty things to force milk production. These cows know that natural and organic make the best dairy products.

The consistency of this ice cream certainly has me persuaded. It feels creamy and wholesome fat, slick-on-the-tongue which I appreciate in dessert, but it’s light comparatively speaking and invites seconds. It tastes like really good chocolate ice cream and tastes better knowing it has wholesome ingredients. It is hand-packed locally, too, and that’s important.

We are pleased to offer this NEW PRODUCT in our frozen case!