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Corn fields along a dirt road in rural PennsylvaniaWhat’s New?

Greetings Springfield, Philadelphia and beyond from your local natural store! Martindale’s is continually adding more and more new natural products to our store inventory each passing week. It’s way too much to document, however, we are pleased to offer our website as a tool to educate and enlighten folk on what’s new here. Amazing, delicious and nutritious truly natural products are available to you in your own backyard store.

A Controversial Term

Actually, the word “natural” has been watered down by unscrupulous types and seems to have lost meaning in recent years. There are even concerned groups of do-gooders who are rallying for more specific and substantial definitions for these important terms. Who would have thought that “natural” could be so controversial? Rest assured the word natural is extremely important to us!

Humble Food at Our Natural Store

Our view of the word natural is simple. A natural product is almost organically produced having very, very little processing or preservatives if at all. Foods that are close to the earth from which they came are natural. We are proud of the great selection of natural foods we offer for sale at our natural store.

Special Natural Food

And yet, natural food’s humble origins are nothing to look down one’s nose at! There may be some compelling story behind the product that persuades us to view it as special. Specifically, it might have a reputable farmer or producer behind it that commands respect in the natural community. Or the product’s journey is well documented from synthetic ingredients all the way to natural. You get the idea. Find out what makes your favorite natural foods special!


Certainly, organic foods are cleaner than natural foods if only because of the expensive paperwork it took to get the organic seal. Martindale’s buyers in each of the Departments strive to get pure natural and organic products for you. Together we are on a journey to include in our store those products which truly reflect nature the way God intended it. Here you will find a haven for real food. Find healthy, safe products for you, your family, and your home. Nourishment, naturally. We hope you’ll join us!



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