Non-GMO Month is Needed Now More Than Ever

Martindale’s is a proud sponsor of Non-GMO Month October 2016. Not only do we have organic food choices throughout the store, but more and more packages are showing up with the “verified non-GMO ” butterfly seal.


Our team talks to shoppers every day, and what we are hearing, is that people are increasingly worried about the spread of GMOs in our food supply. With GMOs present in as much as 80% percent of conventional packaged foods, we are more committed than ever to helping our customers find safe, healthy non-GMO choices. We believe that everyone has the right to know what’s in their food, and we will be celebrating that right throughout Non-GMO Month this October. During Non-GMO Month, Martindale’s will help shoppers identify Non-GMO Project Verified choices in the aisle every day.

nongmo wall of flowers

While supplies last we are giving out a stylish FREE shoulder bag with the nonGMO insignia to shoppers who buy 10 or more Verified NonGMO foods! These bags are in short supply so come in soon.


Take care of yourself and your family by choosing honest food that hasn’t been genetically modified.


Reasons Why We Don’t Need GMOs:

  • GMO crops don’t increase yield potential
  • GMO crops increase the use of harsh pesticides
  • GMO crops have created “superweeds”
  • GMO crops have toxic or allergenic effects on lab animals
  • GMO and non-GM crops cannot “coexist”
  • There are better ways to feed the world
  • Conventional breeding is better than genetic engineering at producing crops with useful traits
  • Genetic engineering is an experimental technology with unknown long-term effects


Look for Verified Non-GMO Products in store!