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Apple Kale Lemon Spinach Juicea million bucks rijuice beverage with fruits and vegetables

There is life in this RiJuice bottle. Only fresh local fruits and vegetables from the Lancaster area are grown, harvested, juiced, filtered and bottled with natural, cold-press processing. Naturally grown apples, chlorophyll-green kale, fresh lemons and nutrient-rich spinach supply delicious juice without the use of heat, preservatives, or additives.

Freshly juiced varieties are all handcrafted by passionate artisans right here in Pennsylvania. Attention begins with better soil, plants and farming yielding amazing nutrition, quality and flavor. This one bottle of A Million Bucks variety, contains the juice of 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables. Not only does this taste delicious, but the product’s purity makes it perfect for a healthy Rijuice juice fast.


rijuice bottled juices with certification of high pressure cold pressCold Press Fresh Juice

RiJuice utilizes high-pressure technology (HPP) for cold-pressed juices that applies extremely high cold-water pressure as a method for extending the shelf life. This process leads to the elimination of harmful bacteria while maintaining quality and higher yields of vitamins and enzymes. Yes, enzymes are retained in bottled juices for health, digestion and wellness!


fresh juiced fruits and vegetablesSustainability matters to this local entrepreneur. Our Lancaster friends choose organic quality produce when possible, though local farms are not always certified. Vegetable scraps and fruit pulp go back to local farmers for compost or livestock feed. How efficient is that?

Non-GMO, local, and clean fresh, cold-pressed juice. Pennsylvania made.

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