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Local All-Purpose Cleaner

A new local cleaning spray featuring only 3 ingredients is now available. Supporting local crafters with innovative efforts gives our store great joy and no less with this spotless creation born in the area. Have you ever noticed how harsh chemical cleaners adversely affect your body? You are not the only one who wonders why flare-ups so often occur when traditional cleaners are used. Actually Natural all-purpose cleaner resulted from one local artisan experiencing a chemical cleaner “syndrome” and doing something about it. Surprisingly, her journey for purity and biodiversity landed on beets and beet cleaner.

local all purpose cleaning spray from beets

Beets Can Help Clean

Gasp not, as you ponder spraying anything made with beets all over your home! While beets themselves enjoy notoriety for staining up a storm, beet vinegar is different. Vinegar has a mild acidity that is perfect for removing spots, splots, and blips from hard surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and yard. Hear sighs of relief from stainless steel appliances and the floor in front of the stove.

An organic beet-derived vinegar was chosen as a means to promote biodiversity while keeping core to their mission of empowering ingredient transparency and a chemical-free world. Fully transparent, 1 – 2 – 3 ingredients safely wash away your messes near loved ones, human or otherwise.

The beet vinegar cleaner contains:

  1. Vinegar from beets sourced from Spain
  2. Ethanol from Kansas corn
  3. Hand-distilled Lavender essential oil sourced from PA or OR

No, this all-purpose beet cleaner is not for scrubbing beets. The vinegar, in harmony with the ethanol and lavender, is an all-purpose spray for surfaces.

After all, who really knows what lurks in dark bustling cocktails found under the sink? You might find nasties like parabens, alcohol, and petroleum solvents – with fancy names, no doubt. Big trade names are good at masking the synthetic and otherwise unhealthy contents. Not so with this pure and transparent beet vinegar countertop spray. It is, after all, Actually Natural.



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16 oz