Sheep Yogurt from Bellwether Farms


Bellwether Farms Sheep YogurtProbiotics have become a trendy topic in the world of healthy eating, and for good reason. Research has proven that these healthy bacteria are essential to developing a strong digestive system and immune system. That’s a pretty good reason to include more fermented foods in your diet. Yogurt is among the most popular of the probiotic-containing foods that we eat. However, some brands and types of yogurt are nutritionally superior to others. Among the best is Bellwether Farm’s Sheep Yogurt.

Sheep Yogurt: The King of Yogurts

You might be wondering what makes sheep yogurt healthier than cow or goat milk yogurt. Let it be said that when it comes to nutrition, sheep milk yogurt is the king among yogurts. It contains more protein (10g) and heart-healthy fats (9g) per 6oz. serving than both cow and goat yogurt. In addition, sheep milk is higher in numerous vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B12.

Another plus is that sheep yogurt is easier for our bodies to digest compared to cow or goat yogurt. In fact, some people who cannot tolerate cow or goat dairy find that sheep dairy is safe for them. It has a milder and smoother taste as well. Sounds like quite a healthy and delicious snack!

Bellwether Farms: Award Winning Yogurt

The folks at Bellwether Farms have been specializing in sheep milk products for nearly thirty years. Their dedication and expertise have led to numerous national awards. Bellwether Farms is family-owned and operated and produces only full-fat sheep yogurt. Their full-fat philosophy means more heart-healthy fats for you, not to mention a rich and creamy taste. Give this recipe for Spiced Cranberry Cake with Yogurt a try. Yum! Check out the video below for more ways to enjoy your sheep yogurt.



Of course, Bellwether Farms knows that a healthy, quality yogurt requires the right probiotics. They also know that when it comes to probiotics, variety is important. Therefore, their sheep yogurt contains twelve different live, active cultures to benefit your health. Last but not least, Bellwether Farms adds just a touch of sugar and real, whole fruits to their sheep yogurt offerings (except for plain).

If you’re looking to add a quality yogurt to your healthy lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with Bellwether Farm’s Sheep Milk Yogurt.

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