B’More Organic Protein Smoothie


Grass-fed Drinkable Skyr Yogurt

small B'More logoB’More Organic Icelandic yogurt, called Skyr, makes a great protein smoothie that goes down easy and supports a healthy lifestyle. B’More is a family-owned, B-Corp business, and is committed to sustainably-operated farming. Skyr Smoothie, in four flavors, is made with organic skim milk from grass-fed cows and is fat-free. The sugar content is all naturally occurring; no sugar is added.

It’s also an excellent source of protein and calcium. Much of the lactose is consumed by the bacteria, so it can be consumed by people who are lactose sensitive. The special bacteria culture also gives skyr its taste and makes it full of healthy probiotics. Gluten-free.

1% of all sales support nonprofit funding for MS and breast cancer research.

B'More protein smoothies

Just shake up the bottle and enjoy a satisfying ready-made protein skyr yogurt drink. Get it in Mango Banana, Coconut, Vanilla, or Strawberry. Or try them all! Pack it for lunch or snacks.

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12.8 fl oz