Cranberry Orange Specialty Butter


Slate Roof Creamery creates specialty butters with love, and nature’s best ingredients – adding a delicious surprise to every dairy masterpiece. They craft each flavor of butter in small batches with the freshest dairy from grass-fed cows. Here’s are some thoughts from one of the Slate Roof cows. Their delicious products are naturally gluten free, rBST free, low sodium, and have no preservatives.

cranberry orange butterCranberry Orange Butter

Spread Cranberry Orange Butter on corn bread or crackers as an appetizer. Top a pork roast or garnish a turkey. Toss with brussel sprouts.

Check out the wholesome ingredients:

Cream, cranberries, orange peel, dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), orange oil, sea salt. That’s it!

Maine Blueberry Butter

Also, consider wild Maine Blueberry Butter. It too, is natural and spreadable with lovely real ingredients. Top your pancakes with this or stir into your oatmeal for a breakfast surprise! Melt on roasted squash or pop on pork or poultry.

Visit to buy Slate Roof Creamery flavored specialty butter from Selinsgrove, PA, just 2 1/2 hours away.




3.75 oz