Eat Nice Vegan Ravioli


vegan ricotta ravioli made with tofuLocal pasta entrepreneurs at Eat Nice Foods updated their unique pasta creation to vegan Creamy Nada Ricotta Ravioli. Want yours filled with love? Behold, you’ve arrived at the right spot. Dress your stuffed tofu ravioli love-bundles in red tomato sauce (or gravy) to bring out the Italian in you. Perhaps, if the torrential rains slow down, you’ll dress them in summer parsley or basil pesto freshly made from the garden. Either way, you’ll think creaminess and cheese even though the plant-based ravioli ingredients simply involve a basic durum wheat dough along with:

  • tofu*
  • olive oil*
  • sundried tomatoes*
  • non-GMO nutritional yeast
  • garlic*
  • salt*
  • pepper


* = organic


Nada Ricotta Vegan Ravioli

  • dairy-free
  • soy-free
  • non-GMO
  • organic

Philadelphia cruelty-free ravioli just got better! Shop Eat Nice Vegan Raviolis in store.


More Plant-Based Ravioli

Look for vegan Meaty Walnut Ravioli, stuffed with an organic cashew and walnut combination, while the tofu ravioli is filled with, (eh-hem), tofu. Perhaps you’ll serve it up on pizza!


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