Farmhouse Culture Org Kraut


Farmhouse Culture has created a new sauerkraut to wake up your tongue: Golden Turmeric Kraut with Golden Beets and Black Pepper. The refreshingly interesting flavor joins our proud collection of organic ferment flavors so now we offer three. If you eat the same thing day in and day out, it’s your own fault. Try all of these organic kraut foods:

Farmhouse Culture turmeric kraut

  • Golden Turmeric Kraut
  • Garlic Dill Pickle Kraut
  • Classic Caraway Kraut

Lively fermented foods are a joy to include in the front of your refrigerator for two reasons:

  1. Fermentation causes a probiotic explosion to happen. Nutrients abound while your digestive system gets stoked. It’s alive!
  2. The flavor excites you. The ingredients are pure and organic and this tastes ‘mahvelous’!

Enjoy kraut on burgers and dogs right off the grill. Sausages love the makeover. Any sandwich will benefit from the kraut, though more likely you will benefit! Our ‘kraut-sourcing’ research has proven that an egg combo is second to none.

Make sure you slurp up every last drop of delicious brine from the bottom of the bag or we will find out and come after you.

Gluten-free. Dairy Free. Plant-based Vegan. USDA Organic. Verified Non-GMO. Whole 30 Approved.

Now it’s time to shop Farmhouse Culture’s Organic Gut Shots!

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16 oz