Kohlrabi – Wonderfully Weird


What is Kohlrabi?

If you’ve never seen kohlrabi before, it might catch you a bit off-guard. These strange, knobbly bulbs look as though they’ve come from an alien planet. In reality, our local kohlrabi might as well be from your backyard.

Locally and Organically Grown Kohlrabi awaiting purchase in the Martindale's produce section

It is a member of the Brassica family, along with vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. Both the leaves and stem (the round part) are delicious to eat and contain a plethora of important nutrients.

Health Benefits

Like the other cruciferous Brassicas, this vegetable is especially high in Vitamin C, fiber, and anthocyanins.

How to Eat Kohlrabi

First, remove the outer skin with a paring knife. Then, enjoy any way you like! Try it out raw and shredded into a salad; it has a sweet, crisp taste not unlike an apple. It is also wonderful roasted or sautéed. Cook it with some onions, spinach, and cashew milk for a creamy and hearty casserole. You can also add it into any fresh vegetable slaw for a punch of flavor and texture.

Check out our local, organically-grown kohlrabi in the produce section today!

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