Lancaster Local Non-Homogenized Milk


Get Local Milk with the Cream Line!

logo Lancaster LocalWe are pleased to offer non-homogenized local milk! Those organic Heritage Breed cows have worked their tails off to produce whole milk with the right ratio of healthy fats found naturally that “floats to the top” of the container. Lancaster Local Whole Milk is rich in natural nutrition such as CLA and Omega 3 derived from a strict diet of grasses all year round. Choose USDA certified organic milk from truly 100% grass fed local cows. These cows are your neighbors!



Non-Homogenized Cream Line Milk

Called “cream line milk”, this is non-homogenized milk found in our local farming community of Lancaster, PA through Swiss Villa. The milk is non-homogenized, yet pasteurized. It has been heated to temperatures the FDA requires for legal interstate milk sales. Non-homogenized milk does not have the precautions associated with it for children or the elderly. It is not raw milk.

Originally, homogenized milk came into vogue because the public wearied of shaking their morning milk to blend the fats with the rest of it. When you park this milk in your refrigerator, the cream will rise to the top. Shake before using if you want the fats blended in or collect the cream and whip it.

Homogenizing milk changes the molecular makeup of milk where the cream will not rise to the top. It changes these molecules into smaller globules. Now you’ll be able to drink healthy unmodified milk.


Local Small Farms

Our local Lancaster community of farmers produces this Grade A milk to the highest specifications as they have worked the land and cultivated the soil in hopes of passing an art down to their children. Be a part of this ‘neighborhood’ of farmers, Lancaster Local.


To sum it up, this milk is:

  • non-homogenized
  • 100% grass fed
  • certified organic
  • pasteurized
  • local
  • cream line
  • Grade A
  • and delicious!







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