Local Kale Raab


Tender and sweet flowers on kale raabKale Raab from Lancaster Farm Fresh

This is a real spring treat! Kale raab is the tender, flowering stem of the kale plant. When kale continues growing past what we are used to seeing on the produce shelf, bolting occurs. This is where the long stem of flowers emerges from the top. The bolting is what produces the seeds that may be used to grow kale once again next winter. Many people do not know this part is edible, but it most certainly is!

The flowers are tender and sweet. Kale raab can be prepared similarly to broccoli raab. Simply cut the raab to a desirable size and saute with a little olive oil and garlic. The bottom of the stem, similar to the stems of kale, may be tough to chew. Throwing them in a pot of water for a quick blanch prior to sauteing should take care of that. Kale raab is also a delicious addition to an egg scramble or pasta. Enjoy!

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