Nature’s Tears EyeMist


water spray for dry eyesNatural Alternative to Eye Drops

At last! Nature’s Tears EyeMist spray is simply teeny-tiny droplets of really pure water in spray form to relieve symptoms of dry eye. This is a natural alternative to eye drops. There are no preservatives in the mist so you can spray as often as you like. Aim it at your eyes and spray for RELIEF.


EyeMist is a gentle, all-natural mist that slows tear film surface evaporation that can lead to ocular dehydration or “dry eye.”


The spray soothes eye discomfort, burning, and blurred vision associated with:

  • dry eye

  • eye allergies

  • watery eyes

  • red eye

  • eye fatigue

  • other causes of eye irritation



Learn lots more to learn how the dry eye spray can relieve your vision issues.



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